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  1. I tried to do that properly, but it kept giving me the error (unable to upload).
  2. So, the thread basically doubles the one from the Lounge, because I've been advised to do so in that section. I'd like to identify the model of a Gibson half-acoustic, half-electric guitar which was widely used by Russian rocker Boris Grebenshikov. All I know is that it's circa-1988-89, that's the period when he bought it in the USA. It sounds warm and lovely both plugged and unplugged, so I'd like to get the same one for myself. https://ibb.co/gjtTj53 https://ibb.co/T8FY1ZY https://ibb.co/7vvBFmd https://ibb.co/pfr4q6g Thanks.
  3. It definitely says Gibson on the headstock. https://ibb.co/pfr4q6g
  4. There's the same logo on the right side of tuning cap mechanism. It also says Gibson with that font.
  5. Player is Russian famous musician, Boris Grebenshikov. All I know, is that it is Gibson and that he brought this guitar from USA in 1989. I'll be more than glad if you'll help me identify the model. https://ibb.co/gjtTj53 https://ibb.co/T8FY1ZY https://ibb.co/7vvBFmd
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