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  1. Yes I have seen the rosewood version 🙂 It's early days yet but at this stage I am thinking the Epiphone AJ-500MCE might be best for me, it ticks all the boxes except for scale length perhaps. I really am at the stage where only playing each version should help me make the final decision. I'm really looking forward to playing them.
  2. Its funny how things happen sometimes, you mentioned Elixir 80/20 nanoweb lights (.12-.53) which I had already ordered and turned up today 🙂 I am going to fit them to my hummingbird tomorrow probably. I dont play the hummingbird very much as I have always considered the sound of it a bit thin. Plugged into my Fishman Loudmouth mini is a another story, it literally comes alive and sounds full to a point I need to roll some bass off. I bought the guitar very cheaply and have no regrets, its almost in mint condition. I might sell the AJ220 but I dont think I can let my Hummingbird go actually. BTW, both my guitars have has bone nut and saddles fitted by a well-know luthier in my area. For some reason I didnt notice the aj-45 is not a cut-away, again not a deal breaker but I do often like to play up the neck. So much to think about! I will have to find a store that has both and spend a good few hours trying them both 🙂 Its all part of the fun.
  3. Well again I applaud you for your very detailed response, I am drawn to your description of a sweeter sound from the Masterbilt AJ-45me. Your description of the DR500mce somewhat fits my AJ-220SCE, I love the sound of it, but I wish the treble was a little brighter, sweeter. Perhaps the AJ-45me is a better choice for me. I will have to try them and see. As said earlier, I was prepared to go with the DR500mce , its great to have a second choice to consider. A couple of things I forgot to mention, I use D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings 12-53. I play mainly fingerstyle, again the aj-45 might be the better fit. BTW I do prefer a glossy finish and did see a post somewhere else about polishing in a high gloss. I didn't realize it was so labour intensive tho 🙂
  4. Thank you for your detailed response, I am glad you have made me aware of the Masterbilt AJ-45me, I really did not even look at it. Again, rave reviews for this guitar. A couple of minor concerns are the scale length and the neck profile. My AJ-220SCE has a SlimTaper™ C-Shape ( thinner) which I really like, The Epiphone Masterbilt 2015 AJ-45ME and 500MCE use the SlimTaper™; D profile (thicker) I think I can live with the thicker profile, my Hummingbird Pro uses it and it' s the first thing I notice when I play it. My AJ-220SCE has the longer scale length which I like too : Scale Length 25.50" The Masterbilt 2015 AJ-45ME: Scale Length 24.75” The 500MCE : Scale Length 25.5" same as my AJ-220SCE Neither of these issues are deal breakers tho. I will need to find a dealer that has both, unfortunately none close by, but I will make a trip. You have described the sound of the 500MCE "has a wonderful chocolate dark tone" taking into account it is near impossible to describe how guitars sound, I will ask anyway and take it as subjective. Are you able to put into your own words the difference in sound between the 2 guitars? Many thanks Pete Specs from the Epiphone site; Hummingbird Pro SPECIFICATIONS Top solid spruce Body select mahogany Neck select mahogany Neck Profile SlimTaper™ "D" Profile Fingerboard Fingerboard Radius 12" Truss Rod Adjustable Binding -fingerboard 1-ply (white) -body top 5-ply (white/black) -body back 1-ply (white) Fingerboard Inlay pearloid parallelogram Scale 24.75" Frets 20, medium frets Nut 1.68" Bridge reverse belly Saddle compensated, imitation bone Pickguard imitation Tortoise with traditional Hummingbird artwork Hardware nickel Machine Heads Grover™ 14:1 Electronics Active Pickup System with EQ Controls -master volume -treble eq -bass eq Typical Weight (+/- 5%) 5.0 lbs Strings D’Addario® 12, 16, 25, 34, 41, 53 AJ-220SCE SPECIFICATIONS Top Material B, NA, VS = Solid Sitka Spruce, MA = Solid Mahogany Body Material Select Mahogany Neck Material Mahogany Neck Shape SlimTaper™ C-Shape Neck Joint Glued-In, Set Neck Scale Length 25.50" Fingerboard Material Granadillo with "Dot" inlays Fingerboard Radius 12" Frets 20, Medium/Jumbo Truss Rod 2-Way Adjustable Nut Width 1-11/16" Hardware Nickel Machine Heads Premium Die-Cast with Kidney buttons; 14:1 ratio Bridge Pickup NanoFlex™ low-impedance pickup Controls Shadow® Performer Tuner HD Preamp, Built-In Tuner with auto-mute, Master Volume, Phase (feedback cancellation), Treble EQ, Bass EQ, Tuner (on/off); On - Output Muted Pickguard Imitation Tortoise with vintage metal "E" logo Power Two 2032 Lithium Batteries Output 1/4" Endpin Colors Ebony, Natural, Mahogany Burst, Vintage Sunburst Bridge Granadillo Options Hard Case (940-EDREAD), Case UPC = 711106261362 Warranty Epiphone Limited Lifetime Service 1-800-4GIBSON (1-800-444-2766), service@gibson.com DR-500MCE PRODUCT FEATURES Solid Sitka Spruce top Bone nut and saddle eSonic2 HD™ preamp Epiphone vinage style 18:1 machine heads SPECIFICATIONS Top Solid Sitka Spruce Body solid Mahogany Side solid Mahogany Neck Mahogany; 1-piece plus heel Neck Shape Options SlimTaper™ “D” profile Neck Joint Glued-In, Dove-Tail with hide glue Truss Rod Adjustable Scale Length 25.5" Fingerboard pearloid Split-Diamond Inlays Neck Pickup Shadow NanoMag™ Bridge Pickup Shadow NanoFlex™ Electronics eSonic-2HD™ Stereo Preamp Controls eSonic2™ preamp with built-in tuner, stereo output, Master Volume Pot, NanoMag™ EQ Pot, NanoFlex HD™ EQ Pot, Phase "Anti-Feedback" Switch, Electronic Tuner Activation w/Output Mute Switch Binding: Body: 6-ply; Neck:1-ply, Headstock: 3-ply Fingerboard Radius 14" Frets 20; medium Bridge Saddle Material Bone Nut Width 1.68" Nut Material Bone Hardware Nickel Machine Heads Epiphone vintage style 18:1 ratio Color Vintage Sunburst (VS), Natural (NA), Gloss Finish Typical Weight (+/- 5%) 5.1 lbs Strings D’Addario® 12, 16, 25, 34, 41, 53 Epiphone Masterbilt 2015 AJ-45ME SPECIFICATIONS Top Solid Sitka Spruce Back Solid Mahogany Side Solid Mahogany Neck Mahogany, 1-piece heel Neck Shape SlimTaper™; D profile Neck Joint Glued-In; Dove-Tail with hide glue Truss Rod Adjustable Scale Length 24.75” Fingerboard Pearloid Dot Inlays Bridge Pickup Shadow® NanoFlex™ ; Under Saddle Electronics Shadow® Sonic™ Soundhole Controls -Master Volume -Treble EQ -Bass EQ -Phase “Anti-Feedback” Switch -Low Battery Indicator Power Two #2032 Lithium Batteries (3V) Binding Body, 5-ply Fingerboard Radius 14” Frets 20 medium Bridge Saddle Material Bone Nut Width 1.69” Nut Material Bone Hardware Nickel Machine Heads Grover™ Sta-Tite™ 18:1 ratio Includes User Manual Truss Rod Wrench Epiphone Poster Epiphone Bumper Sticker Optional Hard Case Color Vintage Sunburst Satin
  5. I am seriously considering buying the Epiphone DR-500MCE here in Australia. I haven't played one yet but from all accounts from all the positive reviews I have read, I doubt I can go wrong. I currently have a Epi Hummingbird Pro and an AJ220SCE which I may sell to finance the new DR-500MCE. I am now 65y old and I want just one guitar, a keeper. I cant afford a Gibson, Martin or Taylor ect. My question is, given most of the reviews are years old, is the build quality still as good now in 2019? Has anything changed to the guitars detriment? Where is the guitar now built? I assume China? Thanks in advance Pete
  6. Ok, thanks, maybe its because its black and shows every little mark, I clean it with Gibson Pump polish which isn't bad, I'm looking around for a silicone free wax to try on it, Taylor recommend Turtle Express Shine which funny enough apparently contains silicone, and they say don't use anything with silicone? go figure? Pete
  7. Hi Jeff, I have a Hummingbird Pro which has a very shiny finish, I'm sure it is polyurethane. but my 220 SCS/EB is not quite as glossy as that, it will show marks and fingerprints, the Hummy responds to a quick wipe with a clean rag and is good as new. I think there might be a difference, not sure what though. Its not a satin finish.
  8. I would like to know what kind of finish my Epiphone Model AJ-220SCS/EB has, I'm using Gibson pump polish which isn't to bad in keeping it looking like new but it marks so easy (its black I know ) 🙂 Taylor recommend a wax for their gloss finished guitars. Anyone like to comment? Pete
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