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  1. Thank you, that is useful information, they are very close siblings.
  2. I hope so I have ordered one, as soon it's here and I can confirm it fits I will report back.
  3. Thank you for the information, I will take some measurements and also do some research and see what I come up with.
  4. I just purchased a new Epiphone Casino Coupe , the dealer was not able to supply me with a hard case. I have searched and cannot find a suitable case for this instrument. I live in Australia so ideally would like to buy one here. I have seen it said online that a 339 case will fit, others say it won't fit properly, if I'm going to buy a case I need one that fits properly. Any suggestions welcome Thanks Pete
  5. 1. Epiphones are often modeled after a Gibson, so which guitar is the Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE modeled after?. 2. My guitar is new so it still has the original strings. I have a few packets of D'addario EJ16's and will try them first. But does anyone have any comments about their preferences in regards to strings for the DR500MCE? Pete
  6. Hi Jeff, You have quite a few guitars, that gives some reference point for comparison. Can I ask what others you have and which is your favorite? Pete
  7. Now that I have the guitar I can say I love the gloss finish. Had it been satin I doubt I would have purchased it.
  8. Thank you One question and its not a big deal, my DR500MCE comes with a owners manual, its just general information about Epiphone guitars in general its contains very little about my specific instrument. I can't find a specific manual for this instrument, string gauges, electronics etc. If not, no a big deal.
  9. I took delivery of my Epiphone-DR500MCE today, I purchased the guitar online, I am thrilled with it already. Everything with the sale went faultlessly, I took a call from the tech who did the Pleck and full check on the instrument. He also asked me about string and setup preferences. The guitar itself is all I expected, the first thing I noticed was the sustain, wow! a full and rich bass. I was a little worried about the neck but it is perfect. It is gorgeous to look at, and flawless. Would I do this process again, in a heartbeat using the same retailer? I am 66y in February a
  10. Thank you for posting about your experiences with the AJ500ME and Hummingbird. I am still waiting for my new AJ500ME to arrive, its had to be ordered in from the distributor. My only concern is the neck, it seems the Hummingbird Pro and the AJ500ME share the same neck specs. The neck on my Hummingbird is a bit to thick for me and is the only thing I'm not overly keen on. However its not a deal breaker tho in reference to buying the .AJ500ME, I hope 🙂
  11. I have ordered the DR500MCE, the nut width is 1.68" | 1 11/16". Apparently most Epi Acoustics use this width, My Hummingbirds and AJ-220SCE do according to the specs. I find the width a little tight for me but not much I can do about that I guess.
  12. Yes I have seen the rosewood version 🙂 It's early days yet but at this stage I am thinking the Epiphone AJ-500MCE might be best for me, it ticks all the boxes except for scale length perhaps. I really am at the stage where only playing each version should help me make the final decision. I'm really looking forward to playing them.
  13. Its funny how things happen sometimes, you mentioned Elixir 80/20 nanoweb lights (.12-.53) which I had already ordered and turned up today 🙂 I am going to fit them to my hummingbird tomorrow probably. I dont play the hummingbird very much as I have always considered the sound of it a bit thin. Plugged into my Fishman Loudmouth mini is a another story, it literally comes alive and sounds full to a point I need to roll some bass off. I bought the guitar very cheaply and have no regrets, its almost in mint condition. I might sell the AJ220 but I dont think I can let my Hummingbird go actually.
  14. Well again I applaud you for your very detailed response, I am drawn to your description of a sweeter sound from the Masterbilt AJ-45me. Your description of the DR500mce somewhat fits my AJ-220SCE, I love the sound of it, but I wish the treble was a little brighter, sweeter. Perhaps the AJ-45me is a better choice for me. I will have to try them and see. As said earlier, I was prepared to go with the DR500mce , its great to have a second choice to consider. A couple of things I forgot to mention, I use D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Strings 12-53. I play mainly fingers
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