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  1. Ok, thanks, maybe its because its black and shows every little mark, I clean it with Gibson Pump polish which isn't bad, I'm looking around for a silicone free wax to try on it, Taylor recommend Turtle Express Shine which funny enough apparently contains silicone, and they say don't use anything with silicone? go figure? Pete
  2. Hi Jeff, I have a Hummingbird Pro which has a very shiny finish, I'm sure it is polyurethane. but my 220 SCS/EB is not quite as glossy as that, it will show marks and fingerprints, the Hummy responds to a quick wipe with a clean rag and is good as new. I think there might be a difference, not sure what though. Its not a satin finish.
  3. I would like to know what kind of finish my Epiphone Model AJ-220SCS/EB has, I'm using Gibson pump polish which isn't to bad in keeping it looking like new but it marks so easy (its black I know ) 🙂 Taylor recommend a wax for their gloss finished guitars. Anyone like to comment? Pete
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