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  1. thanks for the tip.tried these things because the GZ34 was in fact shorted but the EH 6V6's ,which spec at 475 plate volts, checked ok. not sure but isn't the fuse a 2amp? I have a 5Y3 & a 6V6 pair on the way. not a re-branded 5Y3. figured I'd try a little less plate VDC on these old trannys and see. If it doesn't hold perhaps a SS rectifier? your thoughts appreciated.
  2. When I was a kid maybe 6, my mom passed away.dad was devastated.so some old friends started coming over to jam with him on sundays to take his mind off of her.one day jim barbee, a banjo player comes in with a silvertone guitar w/amp in case. i strummed it.jim saw me and says son turn that knob up then try it. wow! that was it.so my dad says you really like guitar? he hands me a uke and a chord book and says when you learn all these chords I'll get you a guitar. about 3 days later he comes home.I say sit down.and played every chord in the book.couple of days later he gives me his dads 1950 gibson es 3/4. I loved it. about 1968 he my brother and I in our first band,dad says we have to get you guys some rock guitars.dad was a gibson man so off we went. cream was big at the time so max at the store says,this is what clapton plays and hands me a brand new 68 sg standard.$359.00. hit hard times in 75 and practically gave it away. not a day goes by I don't regret it.
  3. this amp (mostly original) was slightly modded.cap job was already in place. the output tubes are EH 6V6 but the rectifier is GZ34. I'm told it was recommended by a tech to give added headroom. well a 6V6 looking at plate voltages from a GZ34 can't be a good thing right. the tube should be a 5Y3. your thoughts are welcomed. by the way the GZ34 was shorted.
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