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  1. Thanks a ton for the info, this helped a ton.
  2. Also took the pickups out, and there are no makers marks anywhere on them, (it's not my bass, so I didn't feel comfortable taking the pickup covers off, they seemed mighty tight) but I can confirm that they're not the originals, there were holes from the previous pickup plates.
  3. Just got it plugged in for the first time. The knob closest to the bridge seems to be a tone knob The middle knob is strange, seems to be a tone knob, unless the knob closest to the neck in down to 0, then it functions as a volume. The neck knob doesn't do much, if the middle knob is turned to 0, it functions as a volume, but if the middle knob is up, it seems more like a blend of the top pickups? Not a true tone knob. Strange...
  4. Big Bill - Thanks for the link, good info on there, just scratching the surface, but still can't find an exact match. Using an online serial number finder comes back saying that it's either 1963 or 67, or 1970-1975, but I can't find a match anywhere. It most looks like an SB-350 or 450, but it has three knobs, and no pickup selector switch. The hardware on this one looks almost all aftermarket, so I'm thinking I have an SB, but with different tuning pegs, bridge, and pickups. Maybe. It's a strange one for sure. Going to take the pickups out today and see if that reveals any new info. Navy Vet - what do you mean by 'fuzz tone'?
  5. Hi there - I've been having a tough time identifying the year and model of this bass, any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't find any pictures online of an SG-style bass with knobs on a faceplate, instead of just on the actual body of the guitar. The serial number is 103900 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CPkin2fn2NanEXv82Kga83lhMUTL_h15 Thanks, Joe
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PBCR7aVn0SQCgwBhGjrZb56mfpj7gjHa
  7. Hi there - Wondering if anyone could provide help ID-ing these beauties.
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