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  1. I picked up a 68 Custom LP a few months back and definitely do not regret it. Check out the "specs" on the VOS - usually it lists the pickups. I'm not a big fan of beating up a new guitar either (a Gibson no less).
  2. I'm leaning towards biting the bullet and going with an Apogee Ensemble (and going so far as selling this laptop for a new MBP or iMac). Has anyone had experience with both solutions that can offer insight?
  3. Just curious what you all are using and/or would recommend. I was thinking of getting a Tascam stand alone but after getting turned on to Presonus, I'm thinking one of their models will do. I'm debating between the Firestudio 26x26 and the Firestudio Tube - let me know if you all have experience with either. I like that the Tube as a Tube preamp as well with limiters...etc but it lacks a Digital out...not sure frankly if that's a big deal or not (my dad aka Recording Adviser thinks it could be). Also I don't have a lot of experience with a Tube - my dad recalled them not being very 'clean" sounding...etc so I'm trying to debate if it's really a nice feature that will give me some more "sound" options, or just a gimmick and i'd be better off with the 26x26.
  4. Anyone have any ideas on my crazy request? I've searched the web and can't find any "fancy" switch caps so I figured I'd try at the source.
  5. I'm thinking I want a gold switch cap (to match the rest of the hardware) instead of the old school Amber one on there...looks like Gibson only makes Amber, White, and Black so maybe I'll get one of each and check it out (there is a bright white stenciled in the pick guard and up the fretboard and black as part of the Triburst and fretboard so they'll both probably look nice). Otherwise, does anyone know a trusted manuf. that makes a Gold or Gold looking one that would fit a Gibson? Next step would be to look into getting it plated lol. Edit: Ugh looks like reviews say white and black are not threaded and are junk. Bummer.
  6. This the "same" guitar (68 Gibson Les Paul) that Eric Clapton used to play? My dad mentioned it to me thinking it was what he used during the Cream days. I'll be pumped if so since I did not really know the significance of the 68' Custom choice.
  7. I ended up picking up the 68 Les Paul Custom Flame Top (Tri-burst). I'll try to post some picks in the next few days. Bang for the buck, it was just too good to pass up and really it bought itself by how nicely it played (again since it was teh same one I was considering last weekend at the Maine store though it was priced $400 more up there).
  8. Thx guys. I'm going to the shop tomorrow to try some out and I might take a drive to test out the Hot Rod before I make a decision.
  9. So there's a Hot Rod at another store about an hour away. I'm debating whether to go try it out. I'm not sure how I feel about it having a Rosewood Fingerboard versus Ebony. In playing the Dark Fire versus the Custom, I definitely noticed the Custom was much smoother/silkier feeling. In terms of looks, I might prefer the lighter shade of wood but I understand Ebony to be denser and a higher quality wood? Anyone able to confirm?
  10. Yeah I prob will (if I can come to FGN too! ) I'm scared off from the DF at the moment. Between it either running out of juice to tune in Guitar Center or the thought of dealing with sending it back or working out bugs, I'm just not sure it's in my best interest. I LOVE the look...I liked the sound --- I also played a new Custom 69 VOS at the same time and definitely heard a different in favor of the Custom. I may take another drive to test out a Hot Rod. I looks pretty sharp imo and I want to hear how it sounds. I dont' think i've ever tried a 58' style neck but understand it's rounded more. One person (GC guy so totally biased) said he liked it and found it comfortable.
  11. Besides the "flash show" on the Hot Rod, do you think it would be a good sounding guitar (on par with guitars in it's price range)? I could prob get one for around $3,500 and understand it had a rounded 58' style neck which the guy said he liked --- has anyone tried playing to see if it's comfortable?
  12. Saw one numbered around 275 @ Guitar Center...I don't think it had the upgrades but they said it was from another store and they didn't know. Apparently it was missing the cord/plug from the charger to the wall and the battery ran too low to tune it after an hour or less messing w/ it in store.
  13. Thx heh - it's a decent gig. So I got the Dark Fire down to $2,850 and they had a 68 or 69' Custom Shop Flame Top that I got them down to about $3,400 (Triburst). I need to wait until Wed. so I have a few days to decide what to do. The Custom is definitely some hundred over what I was looking to spend. They didn't have the recharge plug for the Dark Fire (said he got it from another store and thought he had it all but didn't) so after messing around with it a bit I wasn't able to tune it out of some weird "E" tuning. The MCK knob seems like something that could have some problems (pull out, push in lightly to trigger tuning, push down hard to lock it in). The quick tuning was awesome though and given what it would take to tune guitars down to all those different keys (without changing strings for lower ones...etc) it packed a lot of punch. I wasn't crazy with the finish on this one - more of a ripples piece rather than the striped ones I see on the marketing press and the plain back and sides were weird...keep in mind i kept jumping back and forth to the Custom and so that might have made me a bit critical. Anyway, he's going to call around to see about the rest of the Dark Fire stock but I think the serial number on the one in store was about 275 which leads me to think it probably didn't get the update they've been doing on the later runs (but guessing).
  14. I'm in corporate sales so I'll be doing the ball busting. Bottom line is on Wednesday I can pay cash where ever I choose, so it's on them to get me to buy....TODAY! Gosh Dark Fire is just callling me....and I don't know what more they got in stock but we'll see how it goes lol. It's a good problem to have anyway you cut it.
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