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  1. Todazy i'v got it..... Tribute 2018 new.......... little heavy but very nice.. i had very little time to try it))) here a pic of the baby))))
  2. Here the guitar, photo are not very good. https://www.olx.ua/obyavlenie/gibson-les-paul-studio-alpine-white-usa-v-keyse-s-dokumentami-IDBxtIs.html
  3. Hi all) i did not buy for now, the guy put up the price last moment 1100, still ok but i not like it , we speak for 960, and the day before he ask me 1100... Anyway , today i was looking a Studio Alpine White 2014, $1100. The guitar is nice , like new, but.. a small piece of smalt is crash and the white its becoming yellow....
  4. Here the link for the Gibson Traditional 2018 , i will buy this tonight or tomorrow morning. Can check the photo's) https://www.olx.ua/obyavlenie/gibson-les-paul-tribute-novaya-IDEQGNf.html
  5. Jdgm, i did the pic of the neck, inside the plastic its like a gibson

  6. thanks man) the guitar looks nice but somthing tell me to stay away)
  7. i look the internet to see if LP use Gotoh tunner and Alpha pots... but i cant understand...
  8. Lol.. i was in hurry ... Gotoh tunner....
  9. HI) always me.. this are 2 pics i did this morning. I was looking the guitar a bit old but nice, every thing was right like Gibson guitar, but im not 100% sure for buy this ..
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