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  1. Hi all) i did not buy for now, the guy put up the price last moment 1100, still ok but i not like it , we speak for 960, and the day before he ask me 1100...  Anyway , today i was looking a Studio Alpine White 2014, $1100. The guitar is nice , like new, but.. a small piece of smalt is crash and the white its becoming yellow.... 

  2. 31 minutes ago, jdgm said:

    CS 0009.........

    Alarm bells.

    Blurry pic of back of headstock, wrong tuners, no CS decal, 'Made in USA' stamp crooked, can't make out headstock 'wings'.....

    More alarm bells.

    Gibson 1970s font stamped on pots,  messy wiring job.......

    I'd pass on this one personally.

    thanks man) the guitar looks nice but somthing tell me to stay away)

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