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  1. Good point about the neck reset, TheLeadFlatpick. I hadn't thought about how low the saddle was. slimt, the LG1 is actually getting belly bulge repaired right now by the shop before they put it up for sale, so I'm waiting to go back in and see how it sounds afterwards. My only concern with that one is the small neck, but I think I could get used to it, and I love the tone. Thanks for the input!
  2. Hey folks. I’m on the market for a new acoustic and found this thing on consignment today- a 70s J-55, serial number A500574. Looking for any thoughts or feedback since I am new to Gibson’s and old acoustics in general. Waiting to talk to the owner to see if I can get any more info. Overall the thing was in pretty good condition except for a serious crack near the sound hole (pictured) that appears to have been repaired as there is a cleat just inside the sound hole. It played easy, and had a nice tone despite old strings. I couldn’t tell if anything had happened to the neck and the back looked good. It’s been marked down to the sub-1000 price range and I may be able to bargain lower. I’m also looking at a 1961 LG1 at another shop in the same range. Any major red flags or thoughts on this guitar? I’ve read that some people dislike the Gibson’s of this era. Based in pricing I can see online, this seems like a good deal, but it may be due to the repaired crack. How worried should I be about that?
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