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    serial number tag

    That is truly disturbing. Some of the tags I've seen, have been literally scribbled on. What kind of professionalism is that. If you can't take the time to stamp the nameplate, why should I expect you would have taken the time to put any real quality craftsmanship into the product? Might as well get one made in Indonesia and save a thousand bucks. When I purchased my "78" Les Paul Custom in1978, I did so knowing I was getting the finest quality instrument money could buy. I ordered it from the factory and had to wait several months for it to arrive at our local music store. I personally unwrapped the shipping material from the guitar and it was in tune with perfect factory setup. Someone tried to sell me an ES-335 yesterday. The "F" holes were rough and un-sanded and the serial tag looked as if my three year old granddaughter had filled it out. He swore up and down it was legit. I wasn't convinced. Everything else looked real but.... I have a cheap Samick Greg Bennett Royale RL-3, I picked up at a pawn shop for $200. The "F" hole were sanded smooth and painted to resemble binding. It plays and sounds phenomenal. Does that mean the Koreans put more care into their products than a US iconic manufacturer? Just saying. I want a quality "GIBSON" semi-hollow body ES. How far back in history do I have to go to find one? 70's, 80's? Mind you, it's not the money or cost of the instrument. If the creator didn't love it...
  2. Can someone please verify the validity of data plate stickers in ES model guitars that have been handwritten. I see most are ink stamped and then a few that are handwritten. Which is valid?
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