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  1. Thanks Pippy, that's what I thought! I'm am really close to buying it, but my wife will kill me as I promised her that I was done shopping guitars. I will wait a day or so, and hopefully it will pass. If I'm still hungry for it on monday I'll go for it and hide it in my garage for a while
  2. I found this on the forum: What is the difference between this ($4995): http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/113262-the-holy-grail-only-4000/ This ($4,995.00): http://www.ebay.com/itm/2012-Gibson-Les-Paul-1960-Reissue-Gloss-Ice-Tea-Electric-Guitar-R0-Cutsom-Shop-/251578456748?pt=Guitar&hash=item3a933e9aac#ht_13253wt_1362 And this ($2.896): http://www.finn.no/finn/torget/annonse?v=-98&r=www_bap_object_mlt&finnkode=49643159 The last one is the one I am thinking of getting.
  3. Hm, I did some more digging and found out it's probably an average price. Hopefully my GAS will pass! :)
  4. Hello, I have found Les Paul CS 1960 reissue R0 listed for $3100. From the pictures it looks flawless with all the casecandy included. Is it a good buy? I see one identical on Ebay for $4995, but that one has a bit more flame to it,"mine" is a plain top with ice tea burst. (I already own an ES-335 and Les Paul Custom Lite so I guess I don't really need it, but I think it looks so beautiful and I've always wanted a Les Paul with a burst). I'd hate to let it go if it is a steal. Any opinions?
  5. Ok, good to hear that my repair shouldn't affect it too much.The les Pauls is strung with D'Addario 0.10's from the guys who repaired it and my ES-335 is strung with (well used!) GHS custom 0.9's (with extra thick bass strings.) Maybe the alloy is different, or maybe just the thinner body actually matters. (I have always believed that woodtype and bodyshape/thickness didn't matter at all on an electric guitar, but I guess I might just be wrong!) Anyway, I'm actually glad that the guitar is how it should be so that I don't have to start messing with it. As I mentioned, I really love the guitar, I just couldn't get it out of my head that there might be some unfullfillled potential to the pick-up's. Thanks again Capmaster! :)
  6. No, the distance to the strings is more or less the same. The guitar itself is fantastic though, i play it a lot unplugged at night while watching tv and I just can't put it down. It feels and plays great! It sounds good plugged too, I'm just a bit curious if it shouldn't be hotter as I bought it to play more heavy stuff on. Would still highly recommend the guitar!
  7. Hello, I recently bought a Les Paul Custom lite. A great guitar! However, I decided to compare it to my ES 335, which was hotter, louder and punchier than my Les Paul Custom Lite on the bridge pick-up. How is this possible? I thought that the 498T pick-up should be a lot hotter than the Classis 57 that is installed in my ES. It's like the volume pot on my les paul only goes to 7. (It has a coil-split, but that shouldn't affect the output when it is disabled?) I measured the resistance on my pick-up's and they were as they should be: 7,6 for the ES and 13,5 for the Les Paul. (I don't know the value of the pots, but they have the Gibson logo on them) I still enjoy the Les Paul, but I just want to know if this is normal or not. I bought it used, so maybe someone messed up the wiring? I have attached a picture, it looks a bit messy in my eyes. Does anyone else own the Les Paul lite and can compare their cavity to mine? Hope you can help! EDIT: I might add that that almost all the volume change happens from 8 to 10, not like my ES which works evenly from 1 to 10. Is that normal? Cheap pots?
  8. Hello again! My les paul Custom lite is now repaired. The break was so clean that the luthier was able to just glue it together wihtout even removing the neck. Now it both looks great and plays great and I couldn't be happier! The finish is cracked at the break location, but it's not really noticable. Hopefully we will now live a long and happy life together :)
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I have talked to a luthier, and he believes he might be able to fix it with glue only for about $250 - $300. Capmaster: the fretboard/neck/body junction is slightly lifted too, but I can easily press it down again. Should be sufficient with some glue under there as well I assume. The Luthier will have to decide what has to be done. If the guitar is playable again, I will be more than happy! I will post pictures in a week or two when the job i done.
  10. Ouch, that was bad news! I actually live in stavanger, Norway, so I doubt you can connect me with a luthier BR TOAD. However, I have found and contacted one who might be able to fix it, hopefully it will not be too expensive. Will the guitar actually loose all value because of this? I've read about broken headstocks which sometimes barely affects the value at all, so I assumed this was no different. I have loosened the strings and put it back in it's case. Will not try to play it again untill it is repaired by a professional.
  11. Hello, I recently bought this one and opened the case. First glance and everything looked fine, but then I find that there's a crack in the body next to the neck joint. It appears like the neck is fine, nothing broken as I still can tune it up and play on it. The difference though is that since the body has cracked, the heel of the neck has moved slightly upwards and seems to be a little loose. I can press the body together with my hands, and that also seems to put the neck back in it's place. Hard to find a luthier on my town, so I wonder if I should just try to fix this myself. Maybe I'm naive, but looks like an easy fix, don't you think? I was thinking to just spray some glue in the crack without removing the neck. Has anyone else here tried to do something like this? What equipment do I need? What is the best glue to use? I absoloutley love the guitar and have no plan to sell it, but if this is properly fixed, will it have any effect on the value of the guitar? Hope you can help!
  12. Thank you for the pictures! Guess I will drop my stupid idea with scotschtape and shims! :)
  13. Thank you very much for a great and thorough answer! Highly appreciated! I was hoping it would be an easy fix as I have no experience at all working on guitars. Guess I should have bought a Les Paul afterall I was thinking I might fix the wires by scotch-taping them to the top and stick something thin like a piece of a pick down at each side of the pick-ups to pin them down more. I doubt it will work though. Simple solutions aren't always the answer ;) If it is not too much trouble, I would be really interested to see the pictures to consider if this is something I might be able to do myself. I not, they might be useful if I ask someone else do it for me. Thanx again!
  14. Hello, I get a buzzing sound in my ES-335 when playing certain chords/notes. Sometimes I belive it's from the pickup vibrating into the plastic surrounding it and sometimes I think it's from the wires inside touching the vibrating top. when I put my finger inside the F-hole I can feel and move the wires and the buzzing will go away. I tried another ES-335 in the shop, and when I put my finger in the F-hole I could not feel the wires inside. Should they be strapped up inside the guitar or something? Maybe they forgot it on mine, I don't know. I bought mine on ebay, so I can't go back with it and tell them to fix it.. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. I have a J200 Custom 2009 model, and that is the same as an SJ 300. I love the sound of it and would never trade it in for a maple 200. It sounds wonderful when strumming, and the sound is deep and full. With 0.13 strings it gets too full to my ears though. I have changed to 0.12 strings, and now it sounds perfect again! Too hard strumming makes it a bit too boomy though, but I never play that hard anyway.
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