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  1. I dug these out of the closet, I forgot I had them, I got these back in 1997 from a guy at the San Diego Koby's swap meet, I've been trying to find out what they're worth or if they're collectable, it's a full double set of Gibson 100th anniversary Lapel pins with original backing card. if anyone has info or an idea what they're worth, please let me know, they are made in 1996. thanks kbstingwing
  2. Good Day to all, kbstingwing here, long time guitar player, old fart metal head.... got 3 Gibsons, 2012 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, 2007 Explorer and a 2008 Gibson SG, and a bunch of other guitars, I play both guitar and Bass, my amp is 1975 Fender Twin Reverb and my bass amp is a GK 1001 RB with 4x10 cab, I love Metal, Hard Rock, Blues and Reggae, my favorite guitar player of all times was Stevie Ray Vaughn. Thanks KB.
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