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  1. "Just a finger exercise.....to learn how to finger pick..." lol Dust In The Wind
  2. Thanks for the welcome.... also thank you for your service. Canadian Sub crews would always tell us that they were just out there goofing around and we were "playing for keeps". That's what I ALWAYS said about the Marines!
  3. I've played Gibson's since 1970, other guitars for a couple of years before that. Don't play now as much as I used to, but life and family have a way to change priorities and goals. This included 6 years in the Navy with 4 of those aboard a submarine. I have a 60's non reverserse Firebird and a '70 SG Standard. Had a 60's Fender Vibrolux Reverb...... sorry, smacking myself upside the head for selling it. Looking forward to learning all things Gibson.
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