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  1. I have also been thinking of trying out a modelling pedal device, what are peoples thoughts on them and any suggested models??
  2. Loving the sound of new head stock designs from Epiphone as this is one of my pet hates about Epiphone guitars, i have always wanted Epiphone to release a new guitar with the same headstock design as Gibson guitars, i'm not expecting that for a while but this is certainly a step in the right direction !!
  3. It is very sad to see when great iconic bands such as Aerosmith becomes a business and a brand and everybody gets distracted from the thing that should be priority no1... the music. It happens with every band that becomes a little bit successful and then they are turned into corporate money making machines.
  4. I'm not too sure on that one, i'm sure if you shop around you probably be able to find a place you can buy them from/ import ( Probably at a higher cost though)
  5. What does everybody think about newtone strings, I recently have been to see Ralph McTell and picked up a set of his custom newtones and they sounded amazing and had a very nice feel to them although they did not last very long. Does anybody know of a brand that sounds as good as newtone but also last a while???
  6. Thanks , i was thinking about doing that all along but i wasn't sure if it was something i could do myself to save the hassle of getting to a luthier
  7. Hi, about 4 months ago i bought a 1994 EJ-200 from a dealer in Gloucestershire, the action is very high on the guitar making it impossible to play it for long periods of time, hence why i am reluctant to take it gigging with me as i fell like it would kill my hands from cramp, i wondered if i could shave the saddle slightly to improve the action on the guitar and upon looking at it ive noticed there is not much if anything left to shave off. When looking at the nut i have realized that it is incredibly high and wondered if there is anything i can do to lower it, do i take it to get shaved or
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