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  1. yeah , a great guitar but weird experience... At the moment, no answer of the Gibson Support, and I have to decide quicly which one I get (limited-time deal). Of course I could get another 2018 (2018 is far less expensive that the 2019 VOS 59' ) in another shop that's not very fair, and maybe it's just the 2018 specs that produces this dark tone... But how ? same woods, same MHS P-90 and same MTC plus according to all the websites I've read !
  2. Hey guys, I have to say that's my first post here but i'm so puzzled by my last Gibson experience that I need your lights ! I plan to get an ES 330 (just the perfect mix of a jazz/blues/slide guitar to me but that's not the point here !), and this afternoon I played two of them : a 2018 sunset burst and a 2019 VOS 59' vintage sb. Same amp, same settings (eq, tone, volume etc..), same cable...In brief, exactly the same conditions..Besides the neck profile (rounded late 50' for the VOS 59' -really fantastic- and rounded C for the 2018 -very good too but a little less for my long fingers...) and some cosmetics things, correct me if I'm wrong but electronics (MHS P90 etc..) and woods are supposed to be the same, right ? If yes, why so huge difference with the sound ?! The 2019 VOS 59' was sounding like a great fully hollow body (better than the casino elitist tested at the same time, but as ever , there are as many opinions as ears ), but the 2018 was VERY different, interesting too but a very dark tone and lower output level ...Usually I like dark tone but I like it when I'm the artisan of the darkness !That was not the case here... I asked the staff of the shop, they told me that's normal , VOS 59' is a better level instrument and the pickups are differents...They were very cool to let me play four guitars during 1h30, I didn't want to contradict them but all my research let me think that's it's globally the same guitars except the neck profile... So ? Am I wrong ? Different electronic ? Different MHS P-90 ? A isolated wiring trouble on the model played ? Dying Pickups ? I need your knowledge guys... Thanks for reading !
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