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  1. 2012 honeyburst … Just re fretted it with stainless frets ( 0.090wide by 0.055 high Jescar). You are going to ask why a 2012 hummingbird needed a re fret? Answer previous owner botched the frets trying to level them. I figured the wood was right and bought the guitar off him at a heavily discounted price. Truss rod works beautifully. Neck bridge angle all good so just need to make the nut and saddle.Struggling to find a nut the right size may have to make it from blank pieces of ivory. Don't seem to exist off the shelf. As far as the bridge is concerned I worked on one of the older hummingbird from the 70's a couple of years ago and I always keep a note of bridge sizes. The bridge on the 2012 model seems to be around 50 thou inch higher than the seventies bird. In millimetres the 2012 model is 10.89mm high from the guitar body to its top edge' and the 70's bird was only 8.69mm in height. Wondered why there has been a change in the bridge height ? Any input helpful. It may be as said in other parts of the forum that each one is made individualy for each guitar ??
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