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  1. https://reverb.com/item/5777672-gibson-les-paul-dc-double-cutaway-aa-flame-top-2007-sunburst Here is the same guitar I bought. Like I said, I have seen very few of these in this particular color associated with this year (2007) It is chambered, it weighs in at 8.2 lbs. Mahogany neck and completely stock except I swapped the top hats for amber speed knobs. Anyway, any info on this model would be welcomed. Thanks again.
  2. Well I have found that this particular one is chambered. It has a very thick cross section and a thick maple cap. I don’t have a scales but I’m going to weigh it, it’s a bit lighter than my ‘75 Standard Deluxe. The sound is solid though.
  3. Also about this Les Paul DC is the only others I have seen with 2 vol and one tone were the Guitar Center specials, but they were supposedly only offered in traditional burst or ebony. Anyway thanks again, I am trying to upload that pic.
  4. Apparently the photo file is to large to attach to this post. I need to find a way to either make it smaller or something else. I am new to this forum so I'm not quite sure how this works.
  5. I have what appears to be a 2007 Gibson DC , AA top. I have done some research into this model a bit but I cannot find one this particular burst color. It's listed as a cherry burst but it is a darker and less "cherry red" than other Gibson Les Paul cherry burst. This DC has two volume knobs and one tone, it also has the yellow tinged trap inlays in the fretboard. I will down load some picks because I know that will help. Thanks
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