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  1. It shouldn't matter there are no guarantees. There are guys that play guitars worth 50k and up out there playing in worship bands. It either gets played or it doesn't. Musicians would say to own it and not play it would be a waste. Collectors that hoard guitars would tell you to hide it in a vault. Whatever you do there are no guarantees either way.
  2. It's not on there. You can tell just by searching studio. I looked.
  3. I needed to order some new pots for my 2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe II. I found replacement pots at Mouser and I ordered 2 of them to replace two that had been broken when someone pulled on the pots causing them to fail. (Short PDB185-GTR01-504A2) When I went to replace them I swapped over one wire at a time till I got them wired back the way they were in my pictures and I realized that one of the pots had been replaced with the wrong sized pot and the wiring is wrong. (The right one is Long Shaft PDB185-GTR31.) I am looking for a schematic for the boost circuit or a picture of the wiring from the 2013 models that used the push-push pots. I have included some pictures below for reference. I already sent Gibson support and customer service an email but I had not received a response. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1NMPxTHyYwE5Fprr5
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