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  1. Yeah guitar came with a 1 year warranty from new......when I first got it I played all the time.....all fixed now......good to take it to a guitar tech every 2 years or so to get it checked over.....keep it looking and sounding good......I can do basic setups but crowning frets, that's definitely job for the pro's.....I'll check out those articles that you sent ...cheers .....
  2. Yeah I do play the SG often.....I think they released the 2019 models with medium jumbo frets as well. Mine are low frets thou....anyway they have been fixed now.....more playing.....cheers
  3. Yeah I didn't know about cryogenic frets till I checked out specs on my guitar. Must not be that good because new Les Pauls and SGs mention medium jumbo frets, nothing about cryogenic frets. Anyway guitar tech did a good job on level crown and polish.....
  4. LHi guys, I have a 2019 SG Gibson Standard Heritage Cherry Red bought brand new in 2019. Manufactured October 2018 as in Gibson warranty card . According to specifications on Gibson sites it comes with Low- cryogenically treated frets ( resistance to wear) . My frets had divets on them ( mainly on 1st, 2nd and 3rd frets) after 1 year and 9 months of playing and had to have them Level, crowned and polished which I did without hesitation because it's a killer guitar, it's a keeper. Just want to know if any one else has had this problem with low - cryogenically treated frets or is it just hype.
  5. Thanks for the reply Dub-T-123, glad to hear that it worked well on your SG. It makes sense to level out pickups , I'll definitely give it a go shortly .......Cheers.......
  6. Hi sunvolt, I have a 2019 SG with slim taper neck and it's a delight to play. I also have a Es335 copy, but same specs as a Gibson ...... It has a more rounded and slightly thicker neck but still great to play......at the end of the day the decision is up to you what neck feels better.....as with the nuts , it says mine is a tektoid nut, seems ok, my SG stays in tune . Play both guitars and pick what's comfortable for you and which sounds better....you can't go wrong.....it's a Gibson.....
  7. I have a 2019 SG Standard , as like most standards the pickups are not level with guitar strings alignment. I have foam about half inch thicknesses to put on under pickups on one side so as to level out pickups so they are level with strings . Has anyone done this before , and did it make any difference if at all. I know Angus Young uses standards....I wonder if his guitar tech levelled out his pickups so as to get optimum performance from his SGs......
  8. Good-day rct, just got my SG Gibson back from guitar shop . As I said before it was in for a setup . Came  back setup A1.  The stop-tail piece is sitting right down on the body, not sticking up at all . The bridge before setup was tilted way to much to one side , now it tilts just a little bit , no way as bad as before.  It looks set-up as it should be , nice and even, sounds and plays superb. I'll be taking it  to this Luthier from  now on . He knows his stuff .  I won't be touching nothing on it, just keep on playing the guitar. Thanks for your comments it all helps.....Cheers rct.

  9. Yeah sounds right with what you said, the guy who's doing my setup says it if sounds good and doesn't get out of tune it's all set to go .
  10. Thanks for reply NighthawkChris, I suppose every guitars are set up differently , just wanted to check with other players about this topic , seems like no worries . I've got my guitar in for set-up at guitar store, I'll let the pro set it up for me......Cheers.....

  11. Good to hear that kidblast about your guitars and bridge . Just wanted to check if other players had no worries with it. Every guitars are differently set up.  Cheers...  

    1. kidblast


      I understand, and it's a topic of lots of debate..

      and I know what you're asking about , well  I think I do anyway,..  I see it on imports, where the bridges are leaning forward.

      Mostly due to weaker materials used in the stud/anchors they're putting in there I'd wager.

  12. Hi  rct,  what I said about stop- tail being raised 1inch from body was so it clears back of bridge, I haven't been playing guitar like that. Stop-tail is now about 1/4 inch from body , just wanted to check if it was o.k. to touch bridge. Had a few replies about this topic and seems no worries about bridge. I've seen other guitars in shops and some touch , some don't,.. any way guitar is in for a setup at guitar store, I'll let the pro set it up. Cheers ......

    1. rct


      It is true, there are some folks that get a little agitated by the strings touching the back edge of the bridge as they go by.  What you see in my posts is a long time of trying to get people to relax and stop thinking about that.  All of the great Les Paul sounds people love and try to cop every day were made by Les Pauls that had strings touching the back edge of the bridge.  We never cared about it then, anyone my age and experience still doesn't.

      If it touches it's fine.  If it doesn't, it's fine.  Just don't get yourself balled up over what other people are doing and saying when it comes to thinks like this.  Good luck with it.  The Guitar World is bizarre and full of fun stories and plain old made up stuff!  Don't hesitate to message and ask if you don't want to in public, I'll help you out best I can.


  13. Good to hear that Pinch, I was worried about it might stuff up bridge. Had a few replies about this topic and seems no worries with bridge. Thanks .
  14. Hi Gibson players, I would like to hear from anyone who has been playing their guitar with the strings touching the back of the bridge before entering the stop-tail piece. I want to know if any damage to bridge occurred or if tuning problems or is it not a problem at all. Yeah I've heard all the issues with strings shouldn't touch and other say it doesn't matter on Forum before. My SG stop tail bridge has to be raised about an inch of the body so it doesn't touch the rear of the bridge , looks weird.....overwrapped solved this problem but like to keep guitar as original.
  15. Good-day Saberslash, I had the same problem on my SG GIBSON 2019. Try ETERNASHINE guitar polish and scratch remover. This product got rid of the stain on my guitar. Check out reviews on Tube. Hope this helps.
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