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  1. Good day Arcticsg , makes sense to raise bridge so strings don't touch , wonder why Gibson tech didn't raise bridge, might leave it that way for a while, plays well enough though, if strings break then I'll tinker with it...touchy subject stop tailbridges..... Cheers.....
  2. Spot on Scales you know what I m talking about, luckily I got a good SG , the salesman was up front with me and had a 30 day return policy. This SG stays with me....yeah Allen's Pitt top store, good range for lefty's ....
  3. Who cares about a case, more interested in a great guitar
  4. Gooday Billroy, pictures later on , old school here, got to ask young neighbour how to send pictures, not working for me so far....Cheers
  5. Gooday Saturn, will send pictures tomorrow, not sure how to send pictures at the moment, old school here, will ask young neighbour later... Cheers

  6. I purchased new SG Gibson 2019 few weeks ago and want to give my review on this guitar after all the not so good publicity Gibson have been receiving of late. Purchased guitar online after receiving few pictures of SG to check out better view of guitar and looked pretty good on pictures. Rather would have liked to go to Guitar Store and checked out and played guitar before buying , but being a Left hand model not many were available down under here in Sydney Australia, actually none were available, until Manny's Guitars Brisbane just received guitar one day before I purchased it. Brisbane is a 10 hour drive from Sydney , delivered by Courier few days later. This SG sounds sensational and is a joy to play, smooth and silky. Setup spot on nothing needed to be adjusted. Heritage Cherry in colour with no faults in paint or grain texture. Rosewood fretboard nice mild colour, frets all perfectly aligned, slim taper neck is so superb to play feels so comfortable in palm of hand. Stays in tune has Grovers Rotomatics, volume , tone and toggle switch smooth as. 490 pickups especially bridge pickup killer sound. Comes with a Soft case which is Leather , great quality and is solid protection for guitar. There are people on YouTube knocking this case saying not good protection but case is 1 and a half inches thick covered in foam and leather. Overall absolutely rapped with this SG so be assured Gibson players Gibson quality and build is A1 condition and no faults with this SG. Proud owner of American history , as with Angus We Salute You.......
  7. Good- day Gibson lovers... I noticed on my SG that the strings rest on the bottom of theNashville Tune- O Matic bridge before entering the Stop- Bar Tailpiece, it came like that from the Gibson factory as this SG 2019 model was purchased new 3 weeks ago. I know raising the Stop - Bar Tailpiece will rectify this issue , I was wandering if other SG guitars have this same issue or is like that from new. I don't want to reset Stop - Bar Tailpiece as the guitar plays superb, but if it is a problem somehow I will adjust this issue. Cheers......
  8. Definitely a guitar that Kirk Cobbain would play.... pickup angle meant to be that way.... Cheers
  9. Yes they are meant to be like that, great guitar overall. Cheers
  10. Thanks kidblast for reply,i get the picture now.... it is what it is situation....SG super guitar. Cheers
  11. Thanks for reply bluesplayer, yeah I got the idea of pickups now like you say it's the way it is. There all like that. Cheers
  12. Gooday guitar lovers. just purchased a SG Gibson 2019 Standard, sounds and plays sensational , just wandering why both pickups sit on an angle and not parallel to the strings like other guitars like Fender or Ibanez. Checked out other SGs and there all the same angle except SGs reisue models which have pickups mounted in brackets like Les Pauls. Is it a fault or is it supposed to be on an angle.
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