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  1. Thanks. She indeed is and also sounds nice, but still there stays the question if mine was refinished and why she should be bulit differently than others in this era. Yours is beautiful too. But as you can see in your pictures, yours also has a 3-piece top and a 3-piece back body, so at least the building style seems to be equal to other L5s in the late 70s. Do you know if yours was refinished and may I ask how much you paid for yours?
  2. Hi dear L5s enthusiasts! This guitar is a mystery to me. In all the years of playing Gibson L5s I have never seen one with this finish. So far I only knew about sunbursts, firebursts and natural finishes from that era. What do you think? Is the guitar refinished? Also this guitar seems to have a 2-piece top, 3-piece middle and 2-piece back body. None of the L5s guitars from the 70s had that. They all had the 3-piece top, 3 piece middle and 3-piece back body. You can even see it on all the models (firebursts, sunbursts, naturals) through their finishes. The first time I know that this guitar had a 2-piece top was at the Ron Wood Signature L5s Custom in the 2000s (and maybe his personal one was like that too, I dont know). But all the other models from the 70s had these visible 3-piece tops. Any thoughts on that? Very curious about your thoughts.
  3. Thank you very much for the answer. Its strange because I already saw two Les Paul Personals with the typical pre 1970s neck (so without the Volute). And the ones on Reverb for example have the Volute neck. Maybe I saw exactly the two guitars which existed pre 1970 and these are the guitars with no Volute. I will keep on searching! The price on Reverb right now is a bit too high in my eyes. Have a great summer and stay healthy
  4. Just a friendly reminder, that I am still interested/searching for a pre 69 Les Paul Personal ... so if someone knows someone, please let me know! Many Greetings and thanks for your help.
  5. Well, then I will be patient and wait. Thanks a lot for helping me. I appreciate a lot.
  6. Hi Low-Impedance Guitar Lovers! If any of you, who owns an early model of a Les Paul Personal one day wants to sell it or knows somebody who wants to sell it, I'd be very happy if you contact me via private message! I am searching the internet for a long time but the early models are just nowhere to be found. Greetings and thanks for your help in advance!
  7. Thank you all for the time you have invested , the detailed answers and the profound knowlege. Next time I change the strings, I will go inside with a camera and will try to solve the mystery. The idea with the bridgeplate is excellent. Also I will inspect the grain again. Thanks again to everybody who commented on my question, have a great 2020!
  8. Ps: thats the serial number. also doesn't really help in my opinion.
  9. Finally I have the guitar in my hands! It has a really great sound. For me it sounds a bit like my Marting HD-28 but much stronger and louder. Sadly, as you can see the lable says nothing (anymore). Its really hard to say if this guitar is made out of solid BRW. I guess it will stay a mystery.
  10. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking too and why I put the question to this Forum. I have the guitar not with me, but I will in about one month. I bought it from a friend for 900$ but he is not in town right now and he still has the guitar. I will post another pic of the lable then. Thanks everyone for their opinion, I will keep you updated!
  11. What do you guys think? Solid brazilian rosewood back and sides or laminated?
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