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  1. Thank you very much for the answer. Its strange because I already saw two Les Paul Personals with the typical pre 1970s neck (so without the Volute). And the ones on Reverb for example have the Volute neck. Maybe I saw exactly the two guitars which existed pre 1970 and these are the guitars with no Volute. I will keep on searching! The price on Reverb right now is a bit too high in my eyes. Have a great summer and stay healthy
  2. Just a friendly reminder, that I am still interested/searching for a pre 69 Les Paul Personal ... so if someone knows someone, please let me know! Many Greetings and thanks for your help.
  3. Well, then I will be patient and wait. Thanks a lot for helping me. I appreciate a lot.
  4. Hi Low-Impedance Guitar Lovers! If any of you, who owns an early model of a Les Paul Personal one day wants to sell it or knows somebody who wants to sell it, I'd be very happy if you contact me via private message! I am searching the internet for a long time but the early models are just nowhere to be found. Greetings and thanks for your help in advance!
  5. Thank you all for the time you have invested , the detailed answers and the profound knowlege. Next time I change the strings, I will go inside with a camera and will try to solve the mystery. The idea with the bridgeplate is excellent. Also I will inspect the grain again. Thanks again to everybody who commented on my question, have a great 2020!
  6. Ps: thats the serial number. also doesn't really help in my opinion.
  7. Finally I have the guitar in my hands! It has a really great sound. For me it sounds a bit like my Marting HD-28 but much stronger and louder. Sadly, as you can see the lable says nothing (anymore). Its really hard to say if this guitar is made out of solid BRW. I guess it will stay a mystery.
  8. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking too and why I put the question to this Forum. I have the guitar not with me, but I will in about one month. I bought it from a friend for 900$ but he is not in town right now and he still has the guitar. I will post another pic of the lable then. Thanks everyone for their opinion, I will keep you updated!
  9. What do you guys think? Solid brazilian rosewood back and sides or laminated?
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