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  1. I see that happening to Pawn Shops quite often. I do some appraisals and certification locally in Mexico for some of them. But I've seen people who were scammed by the shops even after I told them they were fake.
  2. It is real. These Epis came with EMG HZ, which are not active. So no need for battery compartment. I've had several, so no worries. The "U" serial number has been the best I've had in several Epiphones.
  3. Do you know how to remove the pickups? If so, take a look at the cavities. They usually have codes that could help you Id this guitar.However, it looks like a Standard with a plain top.
  4. Well, you need to provide better pics. We cannot see that flamed top (if any).
  5. Post some pics, maybe we can help.
  6. Gibson customer support could help you better. They usually reply in a day or two with all the info they have.
  7. I'd go for the Grover brand again. I prefer rotomatics, but if your style is kluson, then I think that'd be a great option.
  8. Why not Craigslist? You don't pay fees. Now, if you live in a bit do commercial place, maybe Reverb would be a great option since they have low fees.
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