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  1. Thanks! Well, I live in Mexico, but all string are, as far as I know, made and imported from the US, so it shouldn't be any different from the ones I've bought there. Thats why I don't see the color code to match.
  2. Any pics just to see them?
  3. It's just that I wasn't sure it was really a 59' RI. And there are many vids and pics online, but I can only find the single pickup version. Only the one mentioned by Big Bill is a double pickup. Thanks. Thanks for the info. About the strings, I thought maybe the string gauge and model could be a reason for it to sound so good, but anyways. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I'm new to this forum, and my first contribution is my recent purchase. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dWSdxdec88RVPTxJ8 I got this 2007 Melody Maker a few days ago. It is a worn white color, and the seller said it was a factory relic, which I do not believe. It really sounds amazing. I love the vintage tone it has. I have been able to track it as a 1959 RI, though I am not sure, as I have only seen single pickup RI. Any ideas what it may be? Plus, it has D'Addario strings which I cannot still recognize by the color code of the string ends (from 1st to 6th string: gold/brass, purple, green, red, silver, black). Any info on that would be appreciated as well (it might be one of the keys to the tone, perhaps?) Thanks!
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