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  1. I did not notice it was in the UK. But that gives me info on the model as well. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. It worked swiftly. I see some sold from 1600 to 1900. Thanks for your help!
  3. I did not know you could do that. How do I check that?
  4. And can I ask how much he was offering?
  5. I do not always agree with the prices that are posted. Especially from Japanese sellers who inflate the prices. Just because they are posted on a price, that does not mean someone is willing to pay it. This might be the case for auctions, but fixed prices?
  6. So I came across this chance to buy a somewhat rare 2007 Classic Antique in honey burst finish. It's the one with crown headstock inlay and bound headstock and neck. There are a couple of examples on Reverb that go for 2k plus. But do they really sell for that? Aren't they worth as much as a regular Classic? This one's a players grade, a bit wrecked case,but all original. What do you think?
  7. There is a Gibson Custom Shop, in which you can order your own guitar to your specs, apart from buying special runs. Prior to this, the CUSTOM SHOP decal only meant a Special Run, not custom made or the like. So it is special, but made in the same Gibson USA plant and production line. I suggest checking Troglys on YT, there are some guitars with this decal and he explains it in more detail. I just can't remember which one have it, he did one recently (this month, I think) with this decal. Just check the channel.
  8. I am currently making a video on different humbucking PUPS from Gibson, and I've been trying to find a release date for the Angus Young PUPs, but nothing so far. Anyone has an idea on when this happened? And/Or maybe a reference? I've checked legacy sites and Archive.com captures of Gibson.com, but no date so far. Thanks!
  9. I had a similar problem with another pickup. At first I thought it was the PUP, but it turned out to be the string. It was made of sth weird, and the sound was too bassy and low. I changed the string and the problem went away. So, I'd recommend first changing the string.
  10. It's an M3. It says Custom Shop, but do not confuse that with *the* Custom Shop. That decal prior to 2005 (I think) meant a special run. So it is special, but not 'Custom'-made.
  11. I've seen those CS go from 3500 to 5000. It depends on condition and specs.
  12. Nope, Traditionals are a completely different series. I have a LP Traditional T. I think it is pure marketing. The more letters, the higher the price they can charge.
  13. Well, you know, it's Gibson. And only a Gibson is good enough. So do not complaint or Mark Agnesi will sue you.
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