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  1. I am currently making a video on different humbucking PUPS from Gibson, and I've been trying to find a release date for the Angus Young PUPs, but nothing so far. Anyone has an idea on when this happened? And/Or maybe a reference? I've checked legacy sites and Archive.com captures of Gibson.com, but no date so far. Thanks!
  2. I had a similar problem with another pickup. At first I thought it was the PUP, but it turned out to be the string. It was made of sth weird, and the sound was too bassy and low. I changed the string and the problem went away. So, I'd recommend first changing the string.
  3. It's an M3. It says Custom Shop, but do not confuse that with *the* Custom Shop. That decal prior to 2005 (I think) meant a special run. So it is special, but not 'Custom'-made.
  4. I've seen those CS go from 3500 to 5000. It depends on condition and specs.
  5. Nope, Traditionals are a completely different series. I have a LP Traditional T. I think it is pure marketing. The more letters, the higher the price they can charge.
  6. Well, you know, it's Gibson. And only a Gibson is good enough. So do not complaint or Mark Agnesi will sue you.
  7. It's basically uncharted territory. So that price might be just right or outrageously high. Who know! But a nice one indeed.
  8. I'd love to take that issue from you in exchange for a couple of bucks!
  9. New guitars are new, but not flawless. If you have the chance, I'd suggest you to change it for one that you feel comfortable with. The issues you post seem nothing unusual. Do make sure the white line is polish compound or dirt by removing with a damp cloth. If it is cracked, return it. If the nuts on the pots are an issue, you only have to adjust the height from the inside. Easy if you know how nuts and bolts work. Shouldn't take more than 5 min. If in hesitation, go with your tech. Another problem I noticed is the selector plastic cap. My 2016 LP Traditional has the same issue where it screws too low, and the plastic touches the ring. It is a problem if you bump lightly the selector, as it will move. The solution from my tech was to unscrew it a but, but that makes it prone to falling if too much movement is performed. If this is nothing problematic, then enjoy your new axe.
  10. I'm guessing you're looking for something like this:
  11. So sad. I've been there, though.😅
  12. Thanks for that list. Really helps out.
  13. Thanks! I will try with some fine grit first.
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