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  1. see on reverb once in awhile. they cost more than sunburst. i had a quilt trans black and undersold it. stay away from ebay, at least the japanese sellers. they add 2 grand at least. they do this w/gibson and epiphone too.
  2. not sure but the new ones leave a lot to be desired. i sold a ja undersold actually. i contacted tlc, or whatever the company name is that makes them. they said a new one is 6 hundred.
  3. i purchased a 2017 aqua 356-richlite. from the get go low and hi e string noticed finger slipping off of frets more than i've experienced w/many other guitars. had it set up upon delivery as it was too high. after strings settled. left them on for a month. d'addario 10-46. i put on same brand/gauge, one by one to keep nedck tension. immediately the e string buzzes really in an exaggerated fashion. and open as well. i have to have it set up and i'll get a new nut cut as well but i don't have the 250.00 right now which is what my tech in nyc charges. i had right before this a used 2007 336, and noticed a big difference. the 336 much heavier, less resonant acoustically, but a better neck. thicker top. on the 356 the edges of the inside of the f hole feel just like a laminate, 330. (i had 2, plus 2 lennon casinos, and 2 custom johnny a guitars). i like the guitar but hoping the neck can be fixed. i have never had a guitar which did this. extreme effect with just the string change. i have replaced the high e and same effect. i raised the bridge. same thing.
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