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  1. Hi Jim, below the link of where I put some pictures . . . I hope you will be able to access them) : https://ituint-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/taco_zwart_itu_int/En-LI-bO-4ZKnaSGvINoG5QBPqvrvubGndfF85GxX-9C0w?e=9PijeZ And a small one attached here. Keep me posted and have a nice day
  2. Hi Jim, sorry for getting back to you only now . . . I have the guitar at home now and I could make pictures. BTW I bought the guitar for 1800$ and got it "fixed" (set up, cleaned, and back in shape) and I'm happy with it. Still wondering about this rectangle inlay mystery though. So apart from the global overall pictures where you see the guitar and its case, what are the kind of detailed pictures you'd need ? Once a gain thanks a lot for your input and have a nice day. As the size of pictures and the amount of posts here is limited per day, would you mind giving me your email so I can send you the pictures via email ? You can also find me on Facebook (Taco ZWART)
  3. Hi Jim, thanks for the interesting reply. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can. Oh and the hard-shell case with the yellow fur inside, looks "original" too, but it has much more space at the head-stock side (as if it would be for a 12 string or bass guitar). My dealer (who a according to me is a reasonable and honest person) is offering my friend more or less 1800$ for the guitar in the state it is in . . . He told me that according to him there's around 400 bucks to get it back in shape, and that they would try selling it for 2800-3000$. To me the offer he's making my friend (who really needs money quickly), seems to be a bit on the low end in my opinion, but what do you think ?
  4. Hi everybody, I'm totally new here and trying to get some information regarding the above mentioned guitar serial Number 174425. A friend of mine (who is not a guitarist) is selling this guitar and I've been doing my best to get some information in order to suggest him a reasonable and acceptable price. I brought the guitar to my local dealer here in Geneva - Switzerland, but although at a first sight the guitar seems to be completely original apart from the fact that the frets and the nut have been changed, for the time being he's unable to come up with some evaluation, because of the following "weirdness" : The inlays on the fretboard are not rectangular but parallelograms, but he doesn't think that the fretboard has been changed/replaced. Would you guys know whether Gibson has built ES-330-TDs with parallelogram inlays, or what the exact config and infos on the Serial Number 174425 are. I'm sorry for not being able to post pictures now (the guitar is with my dealer for the time being), but I will as soon as I can. Thanks for any input or hints. Have a nice day, Taco
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