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  1. Thanks to all. I really do hope to make this thing as "gig worthy" as I can.
  2. I particularly like the reference to the "right asylum". It fits better than I want most people to know!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!! 🤣
  3. I am certain I must have misled you! I have an Epi S-310 and the bridge has disintegrated. I'm planning on replacing the bridge with a "Fender style" but almost certainly not "Fender brand". I will either choose something that fits the posts already there, or one that requires me to pull the anchors out, dowel, and re-drill for the 6 hole vintage style. But the work I am doing will be done on the S-310.
  4. I'm glad I stumbled on this place! Was searching for info on an Epiphone S-310. I have one that I bought new back in ...oh... about 1991. Black, maple neck, hockey stick. I have played since I was 10 and I'm 64 now. Not professionally trained... learned by ear. The guitar, I played until about 1996 when it got replaced with a MIM Strat. It has largely been ignored since that time. A recent look at it finds that the bridge has just.... well... almost deteriorated in place. Looks horrible. Oddly enough, the frets were never leveled (I learned to do it way after this one went out of service!) so it will be getting that. For pickups.... way WAY back there in the early 90s ... I put in a set of 3 pickups (sold by StewMac but made by Seymour Duncan) and really... I didn't play it long after that. I am hoping to bring this one back online as a backup gigging guitar and, depending on how it comes out, maybe the primary guitar. Most pressing thing I need to do is get that bridge out, throw it as far as I can see... then walk over and throw it again! Got to find a replacement. I'm not really wanting to put a precious (thereby precious COSTING!) bridge on.... sturdy, functional and accurate enough are the goals. What I don't know is.... standard American width or import width. I'm not sure of the neck width so not sure how much room I have to play with. Yes, I can measure it... just haven't yet. Anyway, I suppose that is enough "new guy drivel" for now. Hope to see some of you around. Bob
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