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  1. I thought i might buy a Vox Pathfinder 10w
  2. I'm pretty sure its authentic. I've also sended an e-mail to the gibson customer service, they gave me every info about this guitar. Thanks to everyone!
  3. E' originale ho contattato la Gibson e mi ha fornito tutti i particolari! Ottimo per me dato che la sto acquistando ad un prezzo stracciato
  4. LPTR5G5CH1 someone can help me with this one ? Do you have also some pic of this guitar ?
  5. Hello im looking for a good ampli with max 100€ budget, i accept any suggest! I play a Gibson LP 50'tribute p-90 2013
  6. someone can help me with this model number ? LPTR5G5CHI
  7. ahahha if its original i will buy first tomorrow !
  8. this is the truss rod pic : https://ibb.co/1dn1Ncn
  9. Someone knows how to find a guitar model throught the Model Number ? The MN of this guitar matches with the MN on the certificate ?
  10. I will ask him! and i let you know asap
  11. Thanks for answer Bill! He's asking me 550 euro for this one! Do you think its original ?
  12. Hi everybody, i need help! I'm talking with a guitar seller and he wants to sell me a GIBSON LES PAUL TRIBUTE 50 GOLDTOP P-90 (Year 2013) . This guy show me the Gibson certificate with serial ecc... I need to see the model throught the Model N°( LPTR5G5CHI ). If you can find information about this Model N it would be awesome! I got serial number too ( 134220359 ). I need to know if model n and serial number match with this guitar. Here there is a Google Drive links with all photos of this guitar : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u2NUdsXAPLT9CG3sTqc6M0G_rp3XUuHC Let me know if it's authentic or not, i dont really wanna waste my money ! P.S: I found that the guitar was built in : 07-dec-2012 (serial: 0359) (Manufactured in Nashville), but on the back of the guitar it says "Made in USA 2013". It's normal ? Thanks to everyone who will help me!
  13. Ciao a tutti, sto comprando una GIBSON LES PAUL TRIBUTE 50' Gold Top p-90 del 2013 da un privato. Il prezzo è ottimo ma non capisco se è un falso o no, avrei bisogno del vostro aiuto! C'è il certificato della chitarra ma non so se corrisponde effettivamente ad essa poichè potrebbe esser stata cambiata la paletta e quindi i numeri corrispondere. Vi metto numero seriale e numero del modello magari sapete aiutarmi. Serial Number : 134220359 Model Number : LPTR5G5CHI vi allego le foto di google drive con tutte le immagini della chitarra https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u2NUdsXAPLT9CG3sTqc6M0G_rp3XUuHC Ho bisogno di sapere se secondo voi è originale dato che il prezzo è molto vantaggioso, a soli 550€! Se avete bisogno di altro non esitate a chiedere! Grazie a tutti.
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