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  1. Do strings of the same gauge but different brands have different feel? I am trying to find some strings that have a soft feel for my K. Yairi. I have 12-53"s on it and i like the sound but they feel really stiff. They are Pierce 12-53s.
  2. I have the non-cutaway model
  3. I have a a J-15 that I really like. My only issue is that the neck is a little too thick from fret board to the back of the neck. The width is great... Is this a standard neck profile for Gibson? Are there other models that have a different neck profile?
  4. I am a full time luthier and spend 98% of my time with new build work opposed to repair work. I started as a guitar maker and for the 15 years have been making violins. I use all types of tonewood for the back, sides and neck. I can say from my own business I build every instrument to the same standard and as though I was making it for the most important person in the world. My price difference depends strickly on the cost of the materials. I piece of instrument grade maple is cheaper than the same quality American Walnut. I am saying all that to say a major difference in price can be the cost of the materials with no difference in the quaility. When you start adding "Bling" you are not adding to the quality just in the man hours and cost of additional materials. I personally owe a J-15...it is an awseome guitar and is a quality build. The best guitar I ever heard was a Walnut Olson that a buddy brought to a jam one weekend. When I saw athe walnut j-15 it was a no brainer. But I have found that musicians meet an instrument that they fall for. Don't be afraid if the J15 is calling to you.
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