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  1. Eracer_Team, Thanks for letting me know. In saying there is new Management and a new CEO, I'm absolutely sure that Gibson would be doing what's necessary. Badbluesplayer, are you saying the Traditional and the Standard have been renamed as different variations of the Standard (or the '50s and the '60s)? Seems like a simple case of mistaken identity on my part. Thanks! Also, does the equivalent of the once "Standard" have weight relief like modern models? Or has the "Standard" now been renamed the modern? I know I could probably look this up myself, but I'm intrigued to hear from people in the know and get some opinions and/or facts.
  2. Hello All, I've recently been browsing Gibson's Website from Australia and it seems that a few guitars have disappeared from view/ possibly been discontinued by Gibson? These are a mix of USA and Custom models, seem to all be 2019, 2018 and some earlier models as well. I looked for the Les Paul Standard, but it is nowhere to be found, nor is the Traditional, even the HP... It doesn't matter what line you look at- even Acoustic or Custom from what I understand. To put it simply, a noticeable number of models names seem to have disappeared from a number of ranges (Explorer, SG, Les Paul, Memphis). Is this a glitch or has Gibson actually made the decision to discontinue the seemingly invisible models? Any info is much appreciated.
  3. Hello fellow Musos, I just joined the forums today with the main goal of learning more about my guitar and getting to know other guitar players. I really like any genre and can have a conversation with any other guitarist/ musician about what genre they prefer or frequently play- because I don't judge and respect everyone's opinions equally because everyone is different. I've been playing for around 9 years (albeit quite poorly...)- I can't live without my guitar basically. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than flicking to the bridge pickup and playing Drop C for a few hours through an Overdriven Amp. I might note that my username's a bit ironic- seeing as I tend to actually play progressive metal sometimes- but this is due to my appreciation of the complexity of the music and not just for the memes. Rock on!
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