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  1. Dave F This forum wont let me attach more pics, says low memory.? Is there another way I could possibly send you pics of head stock?
  2. Thank you Dave F. I appreciate you taking time to answer. I will post a pic of the head stock. Hope I can narrow it down. Ive done online research and without #'s or tags its hard! Thanks again!
  3. Can someone please help me identify my guitar? There are no imprinted marks, no stickers inside sound hole. Only sticker shown is on the back of the head and it is missing a piece of the sticker, but it begins with D100. Was told when I bought it that it was a Yamaha, but this has a flat head on it. Can someone please help. I would at least like to tell people what brand I play when asked. Thank you!!!
  4. I'm trying to find out what name brand acoustic guitar I have. There is no sticker in the sound hole. The only sticker is on the lower back of the head that is torn, but it starts with D100. Ive looked online but its not working out for me. The yamahas ive seen dont have a flat top. I was told it was a Yamaha. I'm not sure. Please any assistance in this egnima would be great! Thank you
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