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  1. What is the best brand besides Gibson for bone nut saddle and pins? What animal is best lol
  2. Will the vintage leather Gibson strap work with the screw on the heel? Found nothing online but looks cool https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/The-Vintage-Saddle-Leather-Guitar-Strap.gc?rNtt=Gibson leather strap&index=5#
  3. Seriously lol a shoe string we spend thousands of dollars and now use a shoe string bottom line Gibson ****ed up me being a traveling man I’m past my return date pretty mad since my j45 was back ordered arrived didn’t get it til a month later
  4. Lolol too bad man idk when I put my strap on guitar leans forward maybe something can help idk I don’t wear straps but when I play sometime on stage lmfao I need one ☝️
  5. Do you think them screwing the screw there will devalue the guitar? 20 to 30 years from now when it’s vintage?
  6. Yeappers Gibson screwed my girl without even asking what hole she wants it in not very polite lol
  7. Hey folks in a long haul trucker and the unofficial unchallenged king of earth2.io I love acoustic guitars for me the j45 does it. Got a new one Gibson decided to screw my love without my permission kinnda mad but the guitar is flawless other than a strap screw on the bottom of the heel:( Gibson dont screw peoples girls unless they tell you lolol
  8. This is what I got like wtf Gibson not even and small screw compared to my last j45
  9. I been debating on putting bone everything on the new j45 but read dosent make much difference would definately age better I’m sure I’d love some crazy exotic bone from a damn lion
  10. Martin guitars are made in Pennsylvania state o grew up in and hate lol no thanks Gibson Bozeman montana and montana is the open big sky west thank you 🙏
  11. Says action 12th L5 H 3 1st L.23 H.16 this is for a brand new Gibson j45 standard is this good action or needs changed I had another j45 certain cords particularly barres were easier especially on first fret.
  12. Beautiful drive thru Bozeman all the time smash and grab lol
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