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  1. Also the first fret to the nut dips down a straight edge goes from metal fret to about the top of the nut like the headstock dips down
  2. Learn something new everyday well from bottom of string low E to the top of fret it’s 7:64 which anit far off is it normal for the Sitka behind the bridge dip down? When I measured the back of the bridge the flattop of the Sitka wasent all even idk 🤷‍♀️
  3. Although if I hold the ruler against the back of low E it looks around 10/64 if I hold it further touching the front side of the A string it’s at 6/64 the fret board goes higher
  4. The bridge is standing about 16/64 at the back saddle looks low already in comparison when I got the 10/64 on the 12th fret a bit hard to tell because the low e string is thick it goes around 8/64 and 12/64 not sure what I’m looking at eyes are bad but it anit 6/64
  5. My neck is pretty good checking that way. Anyone have a stock j45 wats the height of your saddle? From the bridge? And where does your action sit at the low E 12th fret?
  6. This is too high right? I finally got me one of them measuring things. That’s what it’s saying 10/64 on the low E 12th fret I put in bone pins today they are taller than the saddle and I honestly preferred the tusq pins over bone but idk could be action let me know what’s the standard I like good volume some serious strumming goin on round here country y’all let me know
  7. J45 standard now j45 avant garde previous had richlite be rosewood dunno if rosewood is somehow harder to play that richlite
  8. New j45 when I first opened the cap it was tight both ways the truss rod but not even a complete 360 when I loosen it there is no tension it just slides smoot is this normal? At this point the guitar isn’t crazy bow or under bow new to truss rods just seems weird very easy to move when I loosen it and I have fret buzz still especially with 2nd fret D string the fret seems too close to me compared to my last j45 just weird and hard to play
  9. Interesting it was made in March 2021 I got it last month April I did use a capo has a bit for weird dent thing up the neck I leave it in the case with humidipaks because I’m a trucker. I don’t wanna leave it alone for a year tho dang lol
  10. Way worse than mine and you can’t see mine with a light other than the sun lol
  11. Dang that’s what the inside of your guitar looks like? Did Gibson authorize return or other retailer sweetwater is junk horrible customer service only answer me when I wanna buy or have a simple question … return? Exchange?? Won’t reply guitar center from now on
  12. This guitar was made in March 21 got it a month ago wasent me tho I wear cotton long sleeve shirt to play
  13. You can polish out a dent in lacquer tell me how? Virtuoso? Ur gonna say that anit ya lol I ordered some what’s with all the hype about that stuff I have Gibson restorative cream that didn’t work I have carbuna wax please explain did you have the same issue? Thanks
  14. Site seems like a hassle to order on tho skip. Any better ideas?
  15. Seen site looks ok sale elephant ivory sales to GA only I’m a trucker so I can get down there and pickup at ups maybe is elephant better? Or is regular bone good enough or ivory?
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