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  1. Hi, thanks! You're right. I had a Strat for years. Never felt at home with it. I'll live with my LP.... NOT A BAD THING 🙂
  2. Thanks again. When I change the strings I'll take the pickups out, and put covers on if I can find 'em. So far I'm extremely glad I sold my Strat...it was beautiful but I never liked it. I feel like I went back home with this LP! I just need to "catch up" with the science now. Loved when I had a '61 ES 335 with REAL PAF pickups!... That was in the olden days.
  3. Short of taking the pickups out, yes, it has coil tap and 10 db boost with battery compartment in the back... Sounds great when you kick it in. Increases sustain too. What do you look for to tell that they're those pickups? A sticker I'd imagine.
  4. THANK YOU JDGM! I'm not sure what to measure. I think from side to side and front to back. But, would it make any difference from post to post? I can take it to Guitar Center but I think they'll try to sell me Gibson brand... I need to go the cheapest route at this point. I think you're right about the EQ, I may try it. Thanks!
  5. I want to know if I can put covers on my p/I'd, should I?, can I make the coil taps sound more like a Strat? Any suggestions?
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