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  1. Yeah I’m leaving US and going back home soon, wanna buy a guitar to keep for a long time, so looking for something valuable in the future.
  2. Yeah almost became a victim, he was not able to show any proof, will buy a new goldtop instead. Thanks for the heads up
  3. Thank you so much, was confused about the used Gibson market as I knew very few about it, I think I will buy a new 1957 reissue goldtop instead
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I do like the 1957 goldtop reissue, just wondering are they the same color? I think it’s a bit different
  5. So the original 2008 slash signature Goldtops is not from Gibson Custom?
  6. I’m looking to get this 2008 slash signature Gibson goldtop, and it’s signed by himself, can anyone help me to identify it’s real or fake?
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