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  1. I recently purchased a used Epiphone LP Jr—the owner said that an earlier owner had upgraded the bridge. 1) I don't know anything about bridges and am having a hard time comparing against online guides. Can anyone tell me roughly what the style/make of this bridge is? (e.g. Fixed, Tune-o-matic, etc.) 2) My hand keeps scraping against the rough ends of the strings, right before the ball end beads. Based on whatever style of bridge this is, does anyone know if bridge covers would be an option/purchase-able? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. I just got an Epiphone Les Paul Junior Cherry Red Double Cutaway (1999). Can anyone confirm whether this model is a bolt-on neck or glue jointed? I was hoping someone here could help me, to save me taking it apart to find out. Thanks!
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