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  1. I hear ya but I would like to try to get this restored. Luthier friend said the bridge obviously will have to be replaced and I'm good with that. However, I'd like some advice on how to start on the finish. What would you do to clean this?
  2. I received an old Gibson 12 string from a buddy of mine. I don't think I've ever seen such a gnarly piece in my life but since I'm addicted to Gibsons...I thought why not. This thing has case hair stuck to it like flesh. Jeez! Honestly, I can't even tell what the finish is on this thing. The maroon "paint" is so thick that I cannot make out the serial number so I'm a bit stuck at the moment. I believe it's a B45-12 but the tear drop pick guard is a bit misleading. Any help identifying this would be appreciated. So, in order to restore this I would obviously have the bridge fixed but I would like to start with cleaning the thing. What would y'all recommend in order to bring this monster back to life? Prepare yourself Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I'm in North Florida and have loved Gibsons for as long as I can remember. New to the forum but am enjoying every visit! Here's a list of my Gibbys. 1974 Les Paul Custom (20th Anniversary) 2005 Les Paul Special DC 1944 Banner LG-02 1956 J-185 1967 C1 Classical ? BN45-12 (needs a great deal of work...was given to me for free)
  4. I inherited an original 44' Banner LG2 way back in 88'. Apparently it was my grandfather's guitar and since I was the only one in the family who played, they gave it to me. I never knew him...he died back in the 50's and I never heard my dad talk about him playing. My uncle had held on to it for 30 years before giving it to me. I loved it then and still love it. There is nothing quite like a LG2. Very versatile and records exceptionally well. I love guitars in general and I admit I'm obviously I'm biased here but I love the sound of this more than any other guitar I've ever played. It's not necessarily the easiest one I've ever played but tonally, it knocks me out. I love Taylor guitars too but they just can't capture that deeper resonant mid-range presence that the LG2 emits. It's very special to me as a legacy guitar. I'll never sell it and it'll go to my son when my time is up.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the photos. Appreciate the insight.
  6. Hey everybody, Thank you for the help. Two things. 1. I was able to post some pics in IMGUR so here's the link: 1956 Gibson J-185 2. I spent a lot of time researching cases and even called Gibson who told me to contact either TKL or Cedar Creek...I kind of gave up hope of finding an original Gibson case. However, I do like to hunt and I scoured the internet and FOUND one! It's a newer J-185 case but that suits me just fine. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks again for your help. I have a 44' Banner LG-2 that was my Grandpa's guitar that I'll share another day. PS. If you really want to be jealous...when I purchased the J-185, I also spotted an old, roached out Gibson 12 string in the corner. I asked about it and my buddy GAVE it to me. Now, this very well might be beyond restoring but either way...I'll hang it on the wall as a conversation piece if I have to. Still, pretty good day. I go to buy a vintage piece from a buddy and walk out with 2 old Gibsons? I've been waiting on that deal all my life.
  7. Hey everybody, Yesterday was my lucky day. I was able to score a 56' J-185 from a buddy who no longer plays guitar. He wanted me to have it. Anyway, it came with a horrendous case that looks like it saw better days 40 years ago. It's not a Gibson case and just is terrible. This beauty deserves a nice case. I would love a Gibson case but I don't necessarily need a vintage one...doubt I could afford it. So, who are you go-to cases for something like this? Thanks!
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