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  1. Hi does anyone have any experience with this issue? I’ve got 2 Les Pauls, a 1993 studio and a 1997 standard. Im pretty sure the bridge pickups are both 498Ts, because the markings are the same (see photos below) and they both measure DC resistance about 13.4k. However, the one on the studio looks like it’s ‘more’ wax potted than the standard, because you can see wax on the back. This makes sense because the standard squeals like hell at gig volume. But here’s the thing, they sound totally different! The studio is way brighter with not much low end (despite all the wax) and the standard is a much fuller, richer sound. Almost like a 57 classic but with more output and high end. How is this possible? Does anyone else have similar experiences? cheers 😊
  2. Hello from the UK! I've been playing Gibson for a while- bought my first one in 1994, a black 1993 studio and I still have it. Can’t believe I’ve not found this Forum before! Looking forward to some interesting chats and probably learning a lot more about my gear. Here’s my current Gibson collection- cheers 😊
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