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  1. Hi all. First post. I bought a 66 LG1 recently. I knew it had some problems with a slight belly on the top, to be expected with a 52 year old ladder braced guitar. I have been advised that a bridge truss will fix it but I’m dubious about it as I suspect it might bugger the tone up and the tone is what persuaded me to buy it in spite of the flaws. I ‘ve never been able to work out of a neck reset will fix the problem permanently rather than compensate for the changed angle and has anyone got any thoughts about changing the plastic bridge for a rosewood one? I want to keep it as original as possible but it needs to work too thoughts and experiences would be appreciated folks
  2. Jamie from Tyneside UK. Had ‘33 L-30 bought on impulse in the US and recently traded for a ‘66 LG1. Which I will be asking questions about...
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