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  1. A black 335 ?!?! That's a keeper ! My 1960 ES335 natural has a neck repair, but, one, the repair is so well done, you can't see it unless someone tells you, and two, it's been that way for decades with no stability issues. Although it's def an investment guitar (because how many of the eighty-eight 1960 naturals are still out there?) and it was quite expensive, like you I don't care. Why? It plays great ! The PAFs really kick and although it also has a lot of finish cracks (it's been on the road a LOT so a lot of hot/cold changes - the guitar is weather-worn), I still don't care because it's a beautiful piece of wood and IT PLAYS GREAT ! Oh, and did I mention it plays great? =:-) Enjoy your guitars. They are the tools with which we create and talk using the language of The Universe. Thorne
  2. That truss looks authentic to me. I know the issue is paying for a brand name when maybe it's not and hence overpaying, but the real question, or at least the 2nd one of importance, should be this... do you like playing the guitar? If you do, then ask if you like it enough to pay the price. See, what's most important in my mind, unless you're buying for an investment, is if you will be happy playing it. Happiness will outlast any amount of money if you know what I mean. Thorne
  3. Yeah, the label is missing the color, hardware type (e.g. nickel) and 335 type (e.g. NH1 for Reissue) info. ES is obvious, DT means Dot Neck. Quite a coincidence that it's a 335 and the day of the year in the serial number is 335. 317 would be correct for an electric. I went looking for that label but couldn't find it. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  4. Ever since Gibson sold out to Norlin, I find the quality has decreased despite the fact that the prices have increased. This selling of pre-distressed finishes is such BS. Is that what the public wants, guitars that are fake vintage? I have a 1957 ES, a 1960 ES, a 1962 ES and a 1969 LPC, all Gibsons, and I cherish those guitars as they are built well, play fantastically and sound great. And it's not just Gibson whose guitars lack quality. All name brand guitar manufacturers seem to want to maximize profit at the cost of quality instruments. Quality instruments are available, but now we have to pay a premium for them. They're no longer the norm. Sad. Maybe there are exceptions. I hope so. Thorne
  5. I emailed Gibson customer service and they said it left the Kalamazoo factory on March 10, 1960 according to their ledgers. I agree the market will treat it as a 1960. I can always say it has 1959 characteristics...for what it's worth. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. thornev

    small ES335

    ES339 e.g. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/MEM7X3642/es-339-figured
  7. Not specific to the 339, but I am loving the D'adarrio NYXL series. They seem to last longer and give a more robust sound. I believe they are made with titanium or some unusual metal or alloy hence they're rather expensive. I use .008's, but then I like a very low action on low frets and I have a soft touch with my fretting and strumming hands. I play a lot of solos so I like the easy bending of 8's. Thorne
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been a Gibson player since I bought my 1st Gibson in 1969, a sunburst 335. I've had all sorts of Les Pauls, Les Paul Customs, SG's, Hummingbirds, 335's, and 345's. Fenders just can't get that full humbucker sound. I've played Line 6 too because with those programmable guitars and amps, I can get any sound I need for the songs I've played through the decades in my cover bands. I've been playing professionally since 1971. I started playing guitar when I was 9. Never stopped. I play almost every day although I take hiatus's here and there. I don't plan to be an active forum guy. But I LOVE looking at guitars especially vintage! I joined so I can settle a question I just posted in ES forum about my 59/60 335 - which year is it? Post is here: Happy playing ! Thorne
  9. I just purchased a blond ES335. The electronics date the instrument to 1959 (e.g. bumblebee caps), but the serial (A329xx) dates it to 1960. I've put a camera into the guitar and cannot for the life of me find a FON on the top nor bottom inside the guitar. Are there other places it might be? I figure the FON will settle whether it's a 59 or a 60. I figure the guitar build started in 1959 and ended in 1960 when the serial number sticker was applied. But since the value of this instrument differs greatly between 59 and 60, I'd like to get closure. Thanks for any help. PS - I've been a Gibson guy ever since I bought my first 335 in 1969.
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