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  1. Okay I just looked up Epiphone Les Paul standards used, but they are sold for an even higher price than new for some reason? So yeah I appreciate your advices, but since it is sadly out of my price range ill get a Special II. When I´ll work after im done with university and im still playing the guitar I´ll get myself a standard. Thanks everybody for your help!
  2. Would you guys recommend the Epiphone Special II to me?
  3. Ok my buget is, let me say "efficient". I want the guitar with the lowest price possible, just for me to play on bit without having to sacrafice something I maybe didn´t even know exists. Im a student so money isn´t really on my side. I know that getting a more expensive guitar has it´s pros but i simply cant afford it. My absolute maximum budget would be 400 (€)
  4. Hello everybody, I´m playing e-guitar for about 2 months now (actually 10 years, but more was more of an on/off thing). Until very recently, I played on a "cheap" Yamaha e-guitar, which now sadly stopped working. Now the Les Paul is a guitar I always found cool (since Slash plays it in Sweet Child´o´mine and that was the first song I learned), and also I read somewhere that the strings are a bit further apart than on other guitars. This actualy helps me because the tip of my fingers is... kinda fat, so i often have problems when playing multiple strings that I accidently touch the other ones. So my Questions: 1. Do you recommend the Epiphone(!) les paul to me? 2. Which "model" should I get? I´ll definitely never go above "playing the guitar is just a hobby"-level and I don´t think I need some fancy things that only pro players would appreciate. Im sorry this post is kinda unorganized, but I hope I got accross what im looking for and on what level I am. Any help is appreciated! P.S.: The cable could be defect too. Im getting a new one but getting a new guitar will happen sooner or later anyway (kinda literally falling apart).
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