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  1. Dude, I'd encourage you learn how to set your Guitar up. There is really not much to it and you will be glad when you do. You will also save yourself a few bucks. String Action Gauge, Truss Rod Wrench, Notched Straight-edge w/a set of feeler gages...cost less than $50 (less than two 'PRO' set-up's)......... and, maybe, if no one will show you 'HOW-to' do a set-up: Then go out and buy Dan Erlewine's 'How to make your electric guitar play great...' will set you back another $25.....You can also just buy the tools and then go to youtoob dot com! The video's on set-up's are numerous......u do not
  2. No, no change in technique. Gibson is notorious for not using enough glue in the neck joint. I've had several SG's like this, eventually one got so bad it had to be re-glued. I am not saying your SG needs to hav the neck re-glued, no, but this is common for SG's especially one's with the neck joining at the 21st fret. I dealt with the one SG for a few years and then when it got really bad...... the Luthier that fixed it was able to separate the neck from the guitar using just his hands. Came right apart......... I did not need to see it happen. Pete Townsend even bought the Mid 60'
  3. That is one Rockin Lester, Whoa !...but the new Joe Perry Gold-Top in the 2019 Artist collection? Well........ er, not so much !
  4. So that would be a no on the pictures eh ?
  5. I had an 'SG' w/490's in it and sold it just to up-grade to an 'SG w/57 Classic's.and glad I did, The '57's have such a better TONE, no comparison really. The 490's are Gibson USA's cheapest priced Pickups and are just LOUD and HARSH, no personality you could say. The '57's are hands down much better pick-up's. I also played both Guitars thru a MARSHALL DSL40 in Classic 'Green' Channel w/OCD Pedal and they both sounded muscular but the '57's are everything the 490's wish they were. I realize thats vague but putting words to sounds isn't my strong suit but if you have any kind of ear for musi
  6. Cry Me A River- pick an artist.....I like Joe's version myself.
  7. Got a picture of this Guitar you have found ?
  8. Bring Rain-Gear the weather in London is not very predictable tho many will say it is........Rain Rain Rain.
  9. $1500+ tax for an SG Standard and you do not get a hard shell case......that is just sooo wrong !
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