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  1. Google Strapkeeper. About $10. Works great on my J200 and Larrivee 12 with endpin jacks. Available direct from company or through the well known guitar stores
  2. Peter Green replaced Clapton in John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers after the Beano album. Check out The Stumble on A Hard Road, the follow up album. His own style. Left the band along with John McVie to form Fleetwood Mac.
  3. Saw him this week. Played telecaster on first song of night (Things Have Changed), piano or voice only rest of night. Arrangements different from originals on many songs , but strong band with 2 guitarists kept it very interesting. Highway 61, Ballad of Thin Man , and It Takes a Train were awesome highlights of show. After first song or two , his voice was strong and clear , even if phrasing / tempo is quirky Never spoke to crowd or introduced band. Never smiled or even looked much at audience. Moved around a lot between piano and center stage , but sings from rather odd crouched ,
  4. My 2016 came with gold Grover rotomatics. Historical photos show mix of Grover roto and pearloid tulip klusons through years. Bob Dylan’s basement tapes sj200 and George Harrison’s late era Beatles both had Grover rotos, fwiw
  5. Saw them six months ago, mostly as gift to my wife who always liked them. In reality , big gift to both of us as it was among best live shows ever saw. 3 original members , plus fantastic lineup of players BIG sound , tons of energy, tons of movement on stage, many many hits. Guitarist was great—has been with band for 20 years, channeled the TK style during the big numbers. Played a green LP for about half the show along with a Tele Custom. Couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. In fact, seeing them again this month.
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