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  1. Yah I saw that when I went to The MET last week too. Kinda hard to compare mine to his considering his has been through the ringer over and over
  2. picked up a 60th anniversary R9 on monday this week. Noticed a somethings that I have questions about. Mainly the "Les Paul MODEL" lettering on the headstock below the Gibson inlay. Now I have a 2018 R6 and a 2014 Traditional, the lettering on these two are both the yellow/gold that im used to. But my R9 lettering is almost white/silver. I went to another shop and they had 2 60th anniversary R9s on their wall. One had the lettering that was gold/yellow and the other was like mine, white/silver. My question is is there a reason for this? why is some lettering gold and others silver? should i be worried about authenticity? The shop I got it from deals alot with gibson and the custom shop... Pics below- the sincle headstock if the R9, the one with two headstocks is the R6 on the left and the R9 on the right.
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