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  1. Thanks. I know it is a Studio. I’m looking for a bit more info. Is it a Studio Premium Plus? Did they make those without a quilted top in ‘06?
  2. Hey Gents! I have a Les Paul Studio that I am trying to identify for a buddy of mine. It seems to be a bit of an odd duck. I had originally believed it to be a Studio premium plus. However, the premiums all (or most) appear to have a quilted maple top. This one doesn’t have a quilt and is sort of a honey burst finish unlike any I’ve seen. It does have a “faux” painted binding around the body like the premium plus models. Check out the photos in the link below The serial number indicates that this guitar was made in ‘06. However, my friend says he bought it used in ‘04. Can you guys enlighten us a bit? Thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/gallery/Emh3mXc
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