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  1. Yes, it's an 1968 Idol PA-10T. Made in Japan by Idol. Idol was started by Mr Matsuda, a former president of Teisco Co Ltd. He started Idol Instruments after leaving Teisco Shoji in 1967. It’s believed that he and some of his employees were unhappy with the new Kawai management. These employees followed their leader to start a new guitar company. The Marlin brand was used on Idol made guitars that were shipped to the US by WMI Corporation. Idol also made some Del Rey models. I currently have a PA-10T that I've owned since the 1980's. Missing a few of the parts over the years. Trying to put it back together so I can play it again. Missing the pick guard, the plastic pickup infills, bridge, tremolo arm and spring. I have one slightly bent tuning key, but I might be able to fix that without replacing.
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