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  1. someday I was googling around and I found a video of a certain famous bass player on youtube. I found it very funny and really good at playing. so after a lot a guitars I said myself: "I want a bass". I was tired of using a sinth for the bass part of my recordings. I found one that I like, spent like a dinner at a good restaurant, But I can't find any information about it... Can somebody help me? one of the pots has a coil tapping or splitting or whatever.... thanks a lot p.s. SLAP LIKE NOW! 😄 😄 😄
  2. le foto ci sono ben da prima il 2020....la mia less+ e' del 2015.....magari averle delle altre 2 LP e delle SG .... non so se le facevano solo "da un certo livello in su"...
  3. Greetings from my beautiful country. I play since I was a kid but I had never a teacher. After almost 20 years with the guitar on the wall I decided to take lessons. I always loved the les paul body but after owning some now I like also the SG. I joined because I wanna find information about my guitars and for inspiration...
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