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  1. I realize this is an old thread, but hoping to get some help FINDING the electronics for my S-1. I'm in need of the original switches and pots. I have the pickups but I haven't had any luck at all finding the rest of the guts. Any recommendations on where to look for these? Specifically, I'm in need of: 2-position toggle 4-position (chicken head) rotary Volume pot Tone pot Thanks!
  2. That's a great idea, I'll check it out tonight! Is there a good source for parts for these things? Seems like the switches aren't very standard and I've had a heck of a time finding a good source.
  3. Little additional info I ran across that might be helpful for dating: Tuners are the Gibson Original "tulip" style - all metal The pickups are the clear-ish dipped epoxy (not black) This makes me think it's maybe a '75 - '77? I'm also finding a lot of info about how these guitars would have s/n from the '60s and early '70s. Sounds like Gibson didn't always follow their own numbering guidelines, lol.
  4. I have a Gibson S-1 and looking to get more info on it / restore it. From the looks of it, pots and switches were replaced with incorrect parts. The previous owner had replaced the 4 position rotary switch with a 6 position rotary and the 2 position toggle with a 3 position one. None of the wiring is currently hooked up in it and I'm assuming the pots were replaced as well. I've been googling my brains out for the last few days trying to find replacement parts for this as well as reliable info. From what I've been able to find so far, this guitar was produced from mid '74 to '80 and there were two different wiring schematics, depending on what year the guitar was made. According to my research on Gibson's Serial Number decoder (came up empty) and guitardaterproject.org the serial number comes back as a '70-'72, which doesn't make sense... the serial number on the back of the headstock is 964667 along with the "MADE IN USA" stamp. Figured I'd start by dating the thing to ensure I get the right parts and do the wiring correct, but this has been a tough hunt! Once I get the correct year, I'd like to know a good place to find: 4 position rotary switch 2 position toggle switch Metal plate for the neck bolts Bridge height adjustment bolts Tailpiece bolts Tuner washers (assuming these use the same as the Flying V?) Any other advice/insights/tips/smart remarks on restoring this guitar greatly appreciated!
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