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  1. Thank you, so do I👍
  2. Great! Thank you, the search is on 👍
  3. Ok, after a LOT of research, I am determined to find a Firebird V with mini hum buckers. I just want to find that sound that is a Firebird. So, any special year that I should be looking for? Any that I should stay away from? I have been looking at reviews from model years from the 90's up to the present. Thanks for all the advice 🙂
  4. What is everyone's thought on the 2019 Firebird Tribute? It has the reverse headstock, mini hum buckers, and mini grovers. Thanks
  5. Thank you all for your opinions. The mini humbuckers were also another choice. I was looking at the 2017, 2018, and 2019 firebird studio guitars, with the 496’s, P-90’s, and the mini humbuckers respectfully. The local guitar shops (Guitar Center and other local music stores) do not carry the Gibson Firebirds, so I will be trying the different pickups in different Gibson guitars.
  6. Hello, looking to purchase my first Gibson Firebird. What are your opinions on the 2018 Gibson Firebird studio w/P-90 pickups, or the 2017 Gibson Firebird Studio T w/496 Humbuckers? Trying to make an educated choice but both seem to have their pros and cons.... Thanks
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