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  1. Oh and this guy kicks ***... best blues man since BB https://bit.ly/33oKT8q The Shotgun Man .. Mr Gary Clark Jr. https://bit.ly/33oKT8q Love this band too .. but lots of Electronica .... https://bit.ly/2tutpbb So many Mediocre bands get top billing these days.... "The NATIONAL" Come ahn man and their Dead covers were almost as lame. Sorry don't mean to be cruel but I have definite opinions. Some hate them, some like im... Not going to change now. Also can't stand Alt-J . No idea why or the LUMINEERS. Every time they come on ... CLICK . Have "Opinions" PEOPLE as Nigel Says.... https://bit.ly/2pghfU2 Can't find this one band of kids who really impressed with their first song but then fell off the face of the earth. Can't remember their name for the life of me. Came out when Manchester was beginning to make some noise
  2. Nothing. Got into Manchester Orchestra a bit back and even Grimes ( not bc of guitar obviously but she's just wild and original) There hasn't been much these past 3 years as far as new acts that really grab me and I'm always lookin for fresh blood. Oversaturated with overrated John Mayer licks. Don't get me wrong great player but can't stand his "twangy" bluez As far as guitar bands, WOLFMOTHER rocks ! Great source for new acts are the KEXP Youtube cameos. Lots of misses but sometimes they find some real potential over there. (NADA Surf, Silversun pickups, Surfer Blood, Metric ) ... Great Youtube channel KEXP !
  3. With all the goofy Social media uproar over NOTHING, ( ever notice there's always a contingent of the disgruntled in search of their latest END OF THE WORLD outcry), I'd like to present this image I came across. This guitar looks awesome. Yes I agree bring the price back a bit so that people like Joker & me can find within reach but upon first sight. Kind of hate the internet though and would never buy a guitar over it. I must've played 25 414-ce's until i found the one that sounded the best. People who say things like all Les Pauls of same year sound the same or all Taylors have the same sound ( some even take it across models) are full of it. There's differences between any two hanging side by side in your local guitar superstore. But she's a looker and I felt deserved a post so others may get a good look. Love the white back, you never see that. Come on G, bring the number down a few, so people can make it work, otherwise folks will look elsewhere. It's tricky we know.
  4. The Seeker by the Who. What can I say? It lights a Fire that'll never go out
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