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  1. Word is that GOTOH makes a drop in tuner replacement for my 2019 J-45 Standard. Can anyone tell me what model number these GOTOH tuners are and how difficult would it be for a modestly mechanically inclined person to replace them may be?
  2. Hi Tom, Imho ultrasonic humidifiers are not the best. They spread a white dust all over your house. This is a maintenance nightmare. Evaporator humidifiers are recommended by several people on AGF (Acoustic Guitar Forum). Many recommend Vornado brand. I use Honeywell brand. As far as filters they need to be replaced regularly, every month or two. I also use Protec cartridges in the water tanks to keep the water clean and fresh. I empty my water tanks every two to three days, remove my filter and soak it in a sink full of water. This helps keep things fresh and clean. This may sound like a lot of work but compared to managing multiple cases and instruments I feel it’s far easier. I monitor the humidity and am able to maintain 42%-50%. I split time between Minnesota and Arizona. When it’s very dry I add Humidipaks to my cases. Hope that helps. John
  3. Good point that should be obvious from what I posted but at times some things occur to me at what seems like a very slow pace so thanks for pointing that out. It’s exactly the truth. I guess that’s a really nice thing to have happen. When I started I had a lower priced starter guitar and when I got my Martin it only got played out of a sense of obligation. Then I bought two other starter priced guitars and immediately realized that I had no desire to play these guitars and sold them to good homes. Now I’m relishing playing either guitar. That’s the good news.
  4. As a new J-45 owner and inexperienced with guitars in general if I want to replace my bridge pins for a 2019 J-45 standard are there pins that will fit correctly as purchased? Is there a correct taper, manufacturer or size I should look for? Also any recommendations on a material that you would suggest for me to try? TIA
  5. A bit of background, I started playing about 1.5 years ago so mainly a newbie. I’ve been fortunate enough to get two really nice guitars which are a 2017 Martin GP35E and six weeks ago a 2019 Gibson J-45. I can’t decide if I like one better than the other. When I play the Martin I’m sure it’s my favorite with its shimmer, sustain and what I can only describe as this fantastic lyrical musical quality. Today I played the J-45 strung with Martin Retros MM 12-54s. I’ve discovered what the Gibson thump is and wow! How can you live without this big woody organic sounding guitar that’s as pretty as it is impressive sounding. When I’m playing it I can’t think a guitar could sound much better. Today it’s definitely my favorite and when my time is up, as someone said. you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. What it all adds up to for me is this feeling inside me that’s so motivating for me to practice and learn. It’s weird how if I’m playing I have this peaceful focused feeling. It’s all encompassing and it seems as if nothing else exists. No problems, no worries just me and the guitar. I’m so very thankful that I’ve found this but not starting until age 63 makes me wonder what could have been. I’ve never found something that was a passion that satisfies me the way guitar playing has. I’m hoping that this fire continues to burn for the time I have left. Is this fairly common, I’d love to hear others story.
  6. Great question. I’m a relative newbie a bit over 1.5 years of lessons and playing. I bought 5 guitars since starting. Three beginner priced Alvarez guitars and a Martin GP 35E. After the Martin purchase I quit playing the Alvarez’s and sold them. I started looking for a second quality guitar, played many, liked many but the J -45 hooked me. I went to many stores and every time I found a J- 45 it seemed to call my name. I got my J-45 just three weeks ago and now I’m having trouble finding time to play my Martin. It’s a combination of playability due to the short scale I think and the tone. I’m just hooked on this thing and the great looks don’t hurt its appeal. Truth is I love this guitar.
  7. I don’t think you paid too much but I think I just got lucky. Sometimes luck happens. Enjoy your J-45.
  8. I am a new J-45 owner as of three weeks ago. It’s the first used guitar I’ve purchased. The story goes that the guitar was won in a raffle at a music festival and the guy I purchased it from bought it at a good price from the winner. This is a 2019 J-45 on its third owner. The guy I bought it from owns very high end guitars with many being $5000 to $7000 new retail priced guitars. He said he bought it because it sounded so good but in the end he just didn’t play it. I’m from Minneapolis and am spending some time in Phoenix when I came across this ad online for J-45 for $1500. I’m thinking this is too good to be true. I called Gibson customer service and the seller sent me pictures that Gibson had asked for and they authenticated the guitar as a 2019 J-45 Standard made in May of 2019. There’s been no warranty work done. I go to look at the guitar and it’s basically new. A few very light pick marks . I was looking for a second quality guitar and had been going to guitar shops in the Minneapolis metro area and played many fine guitars but kept going back to the J-45. I bought this fine example and believe it’s a great sounding, easy playing guitar that I like better every time I play it. I feel very fortunate to have found this guitar at such a good price and am looking forward to great times with it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  9. As a retired guy I never payed much attention to Taylor. My thinking was she’s a glitzy, ego driven pop star my granddaughter likes. What a warm, humorous, talented and down to earth person she seems to be. That assume thing got me again. New respect. Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for posting.
  10. I recently purchased a used 2019 J-45. I got the serial number from the seller and called Gibson customer service. Along with pictures of both sides of the headstock and the sound hole tag Gibson verifies the year and model as authentic. They can tell you if warranty service has been done as well as when it was sold and the date the guitar was made. I thought that was impressive customer service. Good Luck!
  11. Your using the 13-56 gauge. Have you used the 12-54s and if so how go you see the difference? Thanks for your response.
  12. My instructor started me off with 1.0 thickness picks and I’m very content with that. He uses picks up to 3.0. When I’ve tried those I felt like I was playing with a rock. He’s a very accomplished player so I’m sure there plenty more to learn in that regard for me. I've tried light picks and they seem to make a lot of noise against the strings and reduce control so I think I get what you’re saying. Is your J a custom ? I don’t remember seeing these with ebony fretboards and bridges. Thanks for your response.
  13. I brought home my J-45 about two weeks ago and am adjusting to the size. It’s bigger than other guitars I’ve owned. I’m a 1.5 year beginner but have a few insights and questions. This guitar has a big bold woody sound that I’m really starting to appreciate. We had some dinner guests last night who have been after me to play my guitar for them. I’m loath to do this as a beginner and find it intimidating. I did it anyway. I also have a Martin GP35E and this is the guitar I started to play. After a while they ask to see the J-45 so I played it for them. All attendees said they preferred the J-45 sound over the Martin. I’m so comfortable playing the Martin and familiar with the sound it surprised me they preferred the J-45. They commented on the bigger bass and more volume. I had the guitar strung with John Pierce 720ML. These are a medium / light combination. Today I changed strings and seeing others that recommended Martin Retro MM12 lights I put a set on the J-45. Im not sure what to say about these strings. At first I thought I didn’t like them but then I played them more and really started to like them. I’m not sure if they are brighter or maybe louder but I think they’re pretty cool sounding. Are there any others that have used these strings on a J-45 that could give their interpretation of the sound. I’d also appreciate any other string recommendations you might share. After two weeks, paying more attention to my posture while playing I’m really starting to appreciate this guitar. Sometimes things just start to feel right, it reinvigorates me to learn and play more, nice!
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