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    I believe that to be most likely. The guitar bridge was converted by Gibson repair in Toronto to accommodate steel strings in 1963 and had the guard installed as well. No issues whatsoever. The 381 F is stamped on the neck block. Thank you for the attachment. Bill
  2. Hello, I inherited this guitar in 1963. At that time it had no pickguard and had nylon strings. I had a factory approved pickguard and bridge installed so that I could use metal strings as well. The guitar has been in its case for several years and it is time to find a new home. I have searched the forums for this model with no luck. It has a wide ebony neck and is stamped 381 F inside. I am sure this was purchased in Canada likely in the late 40's or 50's. Any information would be appreciated as I intend to sell the guitar. The pickguard needs some reglueing otherwise the condition is good. Bill
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