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  1. Hi Filbert, thanks for the reply. First of all, I was not "pissing and moaning". I was merely stating a fact: I am in financial straits. Therefore, it will take me a bit of doing and homework to find someone to evaluate my guitar. I am not forgetting all the variables you mentioned (time, place, economy, etc). And while I do appreciate ppl answering my query, I couldn't understand why some were being a bit too brusque with their answers. But it doesn't really matter. Good advise was gained, for which I am most appreciative.
  2. Dear kidblast, Thank you for the heartwarming reply. Have a great day! :-)
  3. Hi kidblast, while I appreciate the lead, I cannot afford an appraisal fee. (The whole idea of selling the guitar is to get OUT of debt, lol) But I will have a look at the site. Thanks for the info! Tiger
  4. Thanks a lot, I'll do that. I did Google the guitar and got a large variety of prices, ranging from "He doesn't know what he has" to "He's deluding himself". I want to be as accurate and fair as possible but not cut myself short. Tiger
  5. Hi there, all. Just looking for advice about possibly selling my Dad's 1957 Les Paul Jr. Someone told me if I can determine the serial number and give it to the Gibson site, they would be able to give me an idea as to what the guitar is worth. One of my questions to you guys is, how much of the value is based on overall condition? A friend told me the neck may be "slightly" warped. If I have it repaired, does that affect the selling price? (as in, never polish a Ming vase). Serious replies only, please... Parting with this guitar is going to hurt a lot, but current financial status is forcing me to do things I never dreamed I'd have to do. Thanks a bunch. Tiger
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