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  1. Orange also have a nice range of heads that amy give you the tone you desire. On the Marshall front, you may find the Vintage modern 2266 to your liking, as you can get some great tones from it. But you do need to carefully match it to a cab, as its very sensitive. They also do a 100 version, but as other have said, it will most probably be much louder than you had in mind. Good luch
  2. Very nice. congratulations For me, pick guards look right on plain tops and solid colour LP`s, but with highly figured tops like yours, they look better without. But its your LP, so you should do what feels right to you. Enjoy !
  3. If you don`t know the answer, take it to an expert. A good tech will be able to quickly identify the issue and advise how to move froward. When you think about the action, there are so many factors to considered: Bridge heights, Nut heights, Fret heights, relief, Neck position, .. You will most probably find its a combination of factors as opposed to a single point that needs attention. Good luck
  4. My first was a Studio Worn Brown and I loved it. Such a shame a sold it ! This was her stock: And this after my modifications (looks only) Then moved on to a 08 Standard: And now have my sole mate, my 2011 R8
  5. Typically the 58 neck is fatter than the 59, but as they are hand built, that's not always true. The 60 is slimmer than the other 2. The only way to find whats right for you, is play some. I think the only other difference between the 58 and 59 is the burst finish, but again, you can get great flame tops on 58`s, so you have to check them out. Regarding why do some cost more than others. You are paying for the quality of the materials such as light mahogany, exclusivity and the cost of manufacturing shorter runs. There is a Les Paul for most peoples budgets and desires. For me, its my 2011 Plain top. Do your self a favor and go and play some, until you find one you like. Don`t get too hung up on its label. Try some Studio`s, Standards, Tradition's, Custom Shop and VOS. If your lucky you may fall for the lower cost options and have some cash left over to enjoy later. All the best
  6. Yaff

    2013 R8 or R9??

    Fantastic ! Congratulations and enjoy
  7. Yaff

    2013 R8 or R9??

    Really like the top !
  8. Yaff

    Marshall Amps.......

    For about 2 years I enjoyed a Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 with the matching 425 Cab. Fantastic tone for classic rock and works well for old metal and blues. Eddie VH and Slash both have or had one, which I think is a great recommendation. Its a single channel amp, so you need to work your guitar volume to get the most out of it. Personally, I liked the tone best when it was just my R8 and the amp. As most of the time i play in my home studio, I ended up trading it for my current Dark Terror and Orange PPC212OB Cab. For me, this combination is perfect ! Try both and some others before you jump, as its tone is such a personal thing. And if you try the Marshall VM, make sure its with the VM Cab and take some time to work out the non standard EQ. All the best
  9. There are great sounding One-piece, multi-piece, Solid, Swiss chease, Chambered, ... LP`s out there. There are also many no so good examples of alln out there.
  10. I assume you are thinking about resale value, when you say "as original as it came". - Strap locks will not have a negative impact and you can always keep the originals - A broken neck will significantly reduce the guitars value
  11. I for one very much like the look of this. It will be interesting to compare with the Studio Faded? Having a slightly darker Les Paul in your collection could be very desirable. Although I have no intention of buying one (as my R8 meets my needs), I look forward to trying one when my local store has one in stock.
  12. The "Standard" is the current benchmark, and the "Traditional" is for people who want something from the past. I think the current naming convention is OK and if anything should change it should be the "Traditional". This name suggest you are getting the Original "Standard", but your not, you are getting something between the original "Standard" and the current "Standard". You need to get a Custom Shop to get Vintage Original Spec. I think more confusing, is how they have so many versions of the "Traditional" : 60`s Neck, 50`s Neck, Different Pickups and I believe there is now a all Mahogany version. But at the end of the day, labels are many of value to people who care about what others think, opposed to playing and making there own judgment on what is best, so not a big issue. Lets just enjoy the magic of s Les Paul and be great-full that they we are available for most budgets and taste
  13. Check this out, at about the 3minute point:
  14. Yaff

    Peg head scratching

    My current R8 without locking tuners is OK (no scratches to date) and also no issues with my old 08 Standard, that had locking tuners. I do take my time when changing strings and trim the ends. Struggling to understand why you are having this issue!
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